About Me

Hello to everybody, my name is Melody, I’m 32 years old and I’m a Swiss Beauty blogger; I was born in Italy, but I lived in Ticino from some years. In my free time, just like every woman, I like to test new products to create original looks and chic, reflecting my personality.

Glam Chic Bold was born to share experiences make up, beauty and fashion, but above all, to tell you about products, news, collections and more, considering what is going to be launched on the market and has caught my attention.

I am one of the first beauty blogger in Ticino (Switzerland) and I hope that in this area of Switzerland there will be many interesting people to discover all about these topics!

My site is open to requests for review and guestpost, so if you are interested please contact me at contact@glamchicbold.com


Davide Micheli: Davide is a boy that loves to be creative and he appreciates to do skincare every week. He will talk about fashion and skincare. His favorite fashion brands are Missoni and Valentino. His favorite parfum is La Nuit de l’homme by YSL.


This is my website www.glamchicbold.com and this is my company: Atlantia Consulting Micheli & Co