Le star scelgono il make up Nars per il Met Gala 2015

Come avrete già visto, in questi giorni si è svolto il Met Gala 2015 e con l’occasione tante star hanno sfoggiato splendidi abiti – guarda ad esempio il look nude di Beyonce – ed altri troppo appariscenti come quello di Rihanna. Oggi, però, vi parlo di due make up realizzati con prodotti Nars Cosmetics!

As you have already seen, during these last days there was the Met Gala 2015 and with the opportunity  many stars have show us beautiful clothes – for example, the nude look of Beyonce – and others too flashy like that of Rihanna. Today, however, I’m going to show you four make up realized with products by Nars Cosmetics!

Look Reese Witherspoon

Reese Witherspoon look Met Gala 2015

Per la realizzazione di questo trucco al Met Gala 2015, il marchio Nars si è affidato al makeup artist Molly Stern che ha voluto enfatizzare lo sguardo della star senza appesantire l’intero look. In questo modo si ha una carnagione luminosa, sopracciglia intensificate, che fanno da cornice agli splendidi occhi azzurri di Reese.

NARS worked with celebrity makeup artist Molly Stern to create the 2015 Met Gala makeup look for Reese Witherspoon. Molly tells: “The look was modern and crisp. I wanted Reese to have a super clean, bright complexion with bold features, so I paired intensified brows with shadowed liner, which framed Reese’s gorgeous blue eyes and allowed her glowing skin to shine.”

Prodotti usati/ Products for this make up:

  • All Day Luminous Weightless Foundation
  • Fervor Dual-Intensity Blush
  • Anita Audaucious Lipstick
  • Audaucious Mascara (available from Fall 2015)

Makeup Reese

Look Emily Blunt

Emily Blunt Look Met Gala 2015

Questo trucco è stato realizzato dal makeup artist Jenn Streicher per il look di Emily Blunt. La make up artista ha optato per un look semplice e minimalista proprio come il suo abito, mettendo però in risalto le sue labbra e gli occhi.

NARS worked with celebrity makeup artist Jenn Streicher to create the 2015 Met Gala makeup look for Emily Blunt. Jenn tells: “When I saw the dress I knew I wanted to stay classic as Emily is such an archetypal beauty and her gown embodied just that with its minimalistic silhouette yet highly embellished design. Keeping her skin fair and really playing up her lips instead of her eyes.”

Prodotti usati/Products used:

  • All Day Luminous weightless Foundation
  • Vera Audacious Lipstick

products Emily


Look Dakota Johnson

Look Dakota Johnson Met Gala 2015

Per la realizzazione di questo make up al Met Gala 2015, il makeup artist Patti Dubroff ha deciso di ispirarsi al suo abito scintillante, con un’incarnato luminoso ed un tocco drammatico sugli occhi.

NARS worked with celebrity makeup artist Patti Dubroff to create the 2015 Met Gala makeup look for Dakota Johnson. Patti tells: “I was inspired by Dakota’s sparkly, high-shine dress which was short and flirty. I made her beauty look all about gorgeous, lush skin and added a little drama to her eyes for effect.”

Prodotti usati/Products used:

  • Vanessa Audacious Lipstick
  • Black Valley Eye Paint
  • Audacious Mascara (Fall 2015)

prodotti make up Dakota

Look Solange Knowles


Il make up di Solange è stato realizzato dal makeup artist Miguel Ramos per Nars e non ha preso proprio alla lettera il tema del Met Gala 2015. In realtà, con questo trucco ci si è concentrati soprattutto sullo sguardo di Solange, rendendolo più accattivante, proprio come il suo abito.

NARS worked with celebrity makeup artist Miguel Ramos to create the 2015 Met Gala makeup look for Solange Knowles. Miguel tells: “Solange didn’t want to take the theme of the Met Gala too literally but was still in theme with the front flap of the dress resembling a fan. To me, the structure and print of garment resembled a black hole in the universe. The eyes are often referred to as windows to the soul we focused on a very captivating eye.”

Prodotti usati/Products used:

  • Lysithea Dual-Intensity Eyeshadows
  • Fervor Dual-Intensity Blush
  • Audacious Mascara (Available from Fall 2015)

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