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Some months ago, I received a beautiful selection of products made by YOU Nails Switzerland, a brand distributed by YOU Cosmetics AG, a Swiss company in Oftringen.


All products I received from YOU Cosmetics, are sold only to professionals such as nail studios, cosmeticians etc. Today, I’m going to tell you about my experience with these products by YOU Nails label!

Nail polish YOU Nails Switzerland

I tried six nail polishes (colors of the  FW collection) by YOU Nails Switzerland and I can tell you that the colors are very beautiful! Here you can find the details about them:

Nail polish nr. 16: a pink fluo

Nail polish nr. 46: elegant red purple

Nail polish nr. 92: lilac refined

Nail polish nr. 128: dark grey

Nail polish nr. 131: an interesting violet

Nail polish nr. 232:  a brillant blue/green

To obtain a well coloured nail with colors as n° 128 and 92, it is necessary to paint it two times. About the resistance of the color, I can tell you that it is okay for 4-5 day. My favorite nail polishes are n° 46, 92 and 232 🙂

you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-01 you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-03

you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-06 you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-08 you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-05

Nail Polish Remover by YOU Nails Switzerland

When you want to remove your nail polish, what do you use? A good nail polish remover as the one by YOU Nails Switzerland. This product it is characterized by its violet color and its delicate fragance: the nail remover is perfect both for the light and dark nail polishes. I love this nail polish remover!

you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-012  you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-015

Hand Cream Mango of YOU Nails Switzerland

This is a product Made in Switzerland and it is absorbed through the skin in a few seconds. The hand cream has a very kind and fruity (a very fresh mango) fragrance. What I especially love of this hand cream is its perfume! Hand cream YOU Nails Switzerland is available in 30 ml, 50 ml, 125 ml and in a dispenser of 300 ml. The packaging of the hand cream is also amazing!

you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-010  you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-011

I would like to thank Guido Rohrer, YOU Cosmetics Switzerland marketing manager, for the chance to test and these very good products he sent me. ^_^

you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-016  you-nails-switzerland-you-cosmetics-04

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