Sustainable fashion from Migros: it’s Made in India

Migros is for Swiss the most important store where you can buy a lot of products, as everything you need to eat every day, or the do it, plants, tea room, petrol or travels: but the most famous Swiss cooperative is well known also for the environmental and human policies.

In fact, Migros doesn’t sell alcoholic or cigarettes (but you have to consider that the controlled Globus does sell them), but it also chooses a sustainable fashion, using the environmental resources in a respectful and rational way, also for the future generations.


Migros chooses the sustainable fashion Made in India, and the production is made mainly in the city of Tirupur, where the Eastman Exports has its facilities. Since twenty years, this company produces sustainable fashion for the M Generation, and its goal is to sell dresses made from ecological and traceable textiles.

We take for instance the policy of Migros about PVC, chemical products or softeners: the company decided to strike off them in the production or at least to reduce dramatically the use of them, being in that a very future oriented company, more than the common standards.

Migros in fact sustains ecological policies against the use of chemical and pollutants products, as the BSCI policy adequately adapted to assure rights and health to the workers, but also using traceable of the commodities.

Migros sustained also the opening of a school for the children, to fight against the child labour, assuring them the right to study: at this moment, 1400 children, thanks to the policy of the Swiss company, could have a future.

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