Christmas collection 2013 by Lush

I love so much the period before Chrismas because many brand show us the new products for a magnific Christmas gift. Today I’m going to speak about the new products by Lush for the Chrismas 2013. Let’s go to discover the new Lush Christmas products.

Sandy Santa/Père Noël des Sables

Babbao Meravigliao - Sandy Santa

Among the Lush products that I would like to tell you I chose the symbol of Christmas: it is Sandy Santa, butter and sugar exfoliating sand that is used to exfoliate the skin well of the body, with tropical essences of orange Brazilian rosewood and sandalwood for an outstanding achievement and a soft skin and toned. The product can be found for sale at a cost of 16 CHF in Switzerland and € 7.95 in Italy.

Secret Santa/29 1/2 High Street

 Secret Santa

The ballistic that I want to talk now  has the form of a first home Lush realized in 29 Hight Street in Poole and has a scent of sandalwood seasoned, lime and ylang yling. When you immerse yourself in the water with this ballistic you will see that the water will be colored of orange and you’ll find a red Santa Claus. This wonderful product Lush is on sale at a cost of 12 CHF in Switzerland and € 8.95 in Italy.

 Shoot for the stars/ La nuit des Etoiles

Shoot for the stars

This ballistic creates a splendid effect of colors and glitter really amazing and its aroma is similar to the best seller of Lush Miel et les Abeilles. You can buy it in the shop of Lust at a cost of 8.80 CHF in Switzerland and € 5.95 in Italy.

 Lush Natale

Snowman/Bouboule de Neige

Snowman Lush

The snowman of Lush is a ballistics with aroma of vanilla, just like the Butterball, and also the nose of sparkling wine is to create some foam in the bathtub. Its smell is very pleasant, but also the effect on the skin that will not be outdone. You can buy this  crazy snowman at a cost of 6.80 € and 4.95 chf in Switzerland or in Italy.

Fun Gold/ Le Fun d’Or

Gold Fun

This product Lush limited edition (do you know the Kit Fun by Lush?) looks like a gold ingot in the same fragrant scent Nonsimangia! and it produce more foam. As you know, you can model this product to get a shape that you like and take a bath or shampoo. His color is gold and is just a perfect gift for Christmas, just to match the Christmas colors. You can buy this candy sea bream in Switzerland is 15.00 chf cost or the price of 9.95 € in Italy.

Fun d'Oro

Santa’s Lip Scrub/ Santas Lip Scrub


This is one of the products that I most wanted to try: it is a scrub for lips to make them softer and not chapped in winter. Its flavor can be compared to that of the frizzine Coke and although it is red, but it doesn’t release color; inside, however, there are hearts of sugar. You can buy this product Lush at a cost of € 8.50 or 14 chf.

Lip Scrub  Scrub Labbra Lush

Santa Baby Lip Tint/Cherry Bibi Baume Teinté


The latest product Lush that I kindly received is a tint lip balm that is made with a base of shea butter with a red color by Christmas. This tinted lip balm also has an aroma of cherries and dates and will be perfect to match with the lip scrub Lush for Christmas. I have tested this product and I can tell you that its duration is satisfactory for 4 hours, but then when it was time to eat the tint lips gradually disappears. You can buy Santa Baby Lip tint at a cost of 14 chf chf in Switzerland and 9.50 € in Switzerland.

Lush Tinta Labbra

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