Swatches Cream Crush Kiko eyeshadows, the new creamy eyeshadows

The new cream eyeshadow Crush Kiko have a soft texture on your skin and help you to create an intense and vibrant makeup until 10 hours. I didn’t try its long lasting, but I can tell you that these colors are beautiful.

I have a good news for you: I tried all colors at Kiko Cosmetics and I can offer you all swatches about the new cream eyeshadows Crush. Some of these eyeshadows are pealy white another matt.

Kiko Cream Crush

Ombretti Cream Crush Kiko Cosmetics

With this new collection by Kiko Cosmetics there are 16 colours and are available in little box. Here you can read all name of eyeshadows:

  • 01 Pearly Vintage Rose
  • 02Pearly Warm Rose
  • 03 Mat Light Mahogany
  • 04 Mat Taupe
  • 05 Pearly Silver Rose
  • 06 Pearly Chocolate
  • 07 Mat Ebony
  • 08 Pearly dark brown
  • 09 Pearly Gold
  • 10 Pearly Apricot
  • 11 Pearly Light Rose
  • 12 Pearly Lilac
  • 13 Pearly Violet
  • 14 Pearly Electric Blue
  • 15 Pearly Turquoise
  • 16 Pearly Emerald

You can buy the new cream eyeshadows at 6.90 € in Italy and 9.90 CHF in Switzerland!

Ombretti Cream Crush Kiko Cosmetics



Ombretto Crema Crush Kiko

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