The hat by Il Centimetro for Summer 2013

I know it, it’s late to speak about these products, but unfortunately I could not at first reveal something about these splendid designer hats from the Italian brand Il Centimetro.

Il Centimetro show you  two lines of hats with the traditional straw hats and Panama, perfect for men and women. The hat of natural straw – suitable for women – is available in the colour of fuchsia, yellow, orange, black, turquoise, green, purple and beige and you can close it as a flower. In this way, the straw hat can be placed in your bag…It’s a great solution!  During the summer 2013 these hats were presented on a display that looks like a polygonal planter with its straw flowers.

Il Centimetro Cappello di paglia

Cappello paglia Il Centimetro

The Panama hat by Il Centimetro it’s perfect for  men and women who want to stand out from the others. The Centimeter proposes Panama in white and natural, with nice and colorful ties centimeter. To show this hat I immersed myself in nature, in the beaches of Gole della Breggia, in the Canton of Ticino. I hope you like the location, but especially that you may have the chance to try  these hats that I really appreciated especially because you can store it in your bag to fly to exotic destinations.

The straw hat is on saleat the price of 75 chf, while Panama at the cost of 73 chf.

Il Centimetro Panama

Gole della Breggia

Il Centimetro Panama

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