The new Bioré Blau Agave collection for combination skin

The blue agave collection by Bioré has been designed to combat impurities that occur mainly on combinantion skin: how many times has it happened, in fact, to look in the mirror and notice dull skin or occluded pores? With this line we could simply improve the appearance of our skin, also reducing the visibility of the pores. In addition, we can also reduce the excess production of sebum that usually characterizes the T zone in our face!

The new collection Bioré for combination skin

Bioré Blau Agave associates the intake of new perfect ingredients to take care of the skin mistake: Bioré has decided to rely on a tradition that dates back together from the Aztecs: the original plant of Mexico is known for the healing and delicate property of a time used for heal wounds and heal the skin. At the same time, the yeast is known for its deep cleansing. In this way, it is possible to cleanse the skin in the pores and thus ensure a balanced and uniform skin.

Bioré offers the following products with the blue agave range:

  • Pore Cleanser
  • Acne Cleasing Foam
  • Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask
  • Instant Warming Clay Mask

Bioré Agave Blu e Lievito

Pore Cleasen Agave blue by Bioré (200 ml – 10 CHF)

Bioré gel is ideal for balancing the skin and provides a deep cleansing of the skin, including the classic T zone. The pores are cleaned of impurities and sebum,
while the natural blue agave formula nourishes and prevents dry skin, rebalancing the skin.

Acne Cleasing Foam (200 ml – 10 CHF)

Anti-pimple cleansing foam with salicylic acid by Bioré is a soft foam for daily facial cleansing, which cleanses the skin deeply, including pores. It fights pimples and prevents them from developing again, without drying out the skin. Surprisingly strong and soft at the same time thanks to its unique yeast-based formula for deep cleansing and the nourishing blue agave.

Whipped Nourishing Detox Mask (110 ml – 10 CHF)

Specially designed for combination skin, the nourishing detox mask contains natural blue agave, known for its healing and soothing properties, and natural yeast known for its deep cleansing ability to obtain a purified, refreshed and healthy complexion and benefit from an intense, refreshing cleansing which also cleans the pores.

Instant Warming Clay Mask (4×7 g each one – 10 CHF)

This clay-heated mask takes only 1 minute to perform targeted cleaning against impurities and excess sebum. In contact with water, the mask heats up to the melting point of the sebum (from about 50 to 55 degrees), opens the pores and frees the skin from impurities and sebum, giving a pleasant sensation to the refreshing and balanced skin.

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