The new day lotions by Dr.Hauschka

German natural brand Dr. Hauscka has launched three new daily Facial fluids that concentrate wondrous ingredients such as extracts of medicinal plants, roses, anthyllid and apricot. These new products are characterized by a light and sweet texture, which quickly penetrates in the skin, creating a base for the make-up.

The new daily facial fluids are:

  • Revitalising Day Lotion (50 ml)
  • Balancing Day Lotion (50 ml)
  • Soothing Day Lotion(50 ml)

Revitalising Day Lotion by Dr. Hauschka

The revitalising day lotion is a light moisturizing treatment that helps take care of the skin, protecting it all day, thanks to its formula enriched with medicinal plants. Inside, the apricot allows the skin to acquire a new brightness and charge, thus reviving the dull and tired skin. We also find carrot extracts and St. John’s wort as well as its quality oils that are able to activate natural lipidization and rehydration while having a stimulating effect. This day lotion replaces the day cream. It is especially ideal for those with dull and dehydrated skin! (50 ml)

Fluido Giorno Dr. Hauschka

Balancing Day Lotion by Dr. Hauschka

The balancing day lotion has been enriched with the anthyllid plant which allows you to have a pleasant sensation on the skin. This day lotion, in fact, is recommended for combination skin that shows an excess of sebum on the T-zone and prone to impurities. Anthyllid, Horsetail and Nasturtium give the skin a clear texture while smoothing the grain. Its formula regulates oily areas, eliminates impurities and helps regain balance. (50ml)

Soothing Day Lotion by Dr Hauscka

The soothing day lotion soothes sensitive, red or irritated skin thanks to the use of the rose. The regulating properties of alchemilla and borage at the same time strengthen the natural defenses of the skin and give it a more regular appearance. This lightweight moisturizer provides long-lasting protection, reduces the feeling of tightness and soothes. (50ml)

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