The range Swiss Calm by BeauBelle

Today I’m talking about the Swiss brand Beaubelle: it has created the”Age Joyfully with Mind & Soul Harmony” movement to help the women to celebrate the age and her skin. Let’s go to discover the products of this brand and my opinion about them.

Swiss Calm’s range by BeauBelle

BeauBelle has launched a range of products called “Swiss Calm” that helps sensitive skin and strengthens it at the same time from all those factors that can make it fragile (stress and immune response). The Swiss Calm range offers us four products:

  • Ultra Gentle Cleansing Mousse
  • Skin Savior Soothing Serum
  • Stress Manager – Swiss Rejuvenating Oil
  • Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream

The peculiarity of these products is that they are made with Swiss Alpine Spring Water, which are infused with 100% natural ingredients, essential oils and hypoallergenic.

Ultra Gentle Cleansing Mousse by Beaubelle


Let’s start introducing you to the first product for this skincare by BeauBelle: it is a lotion-to-aerial mousse, but the texture of this mousse isn’t like a regular foam cleanser, but the texture is emollient ad a liquid mousse because it will provide comfort to your skin. This product has a pleasant scent and is very gentle on the skin and it doesn’t cause any redness after washing the face.

Moreover, it is a sulfate-free product that is still able to carry out a beautiful cleansing of the face: for this reason it is recommended to use it in the morning and in the evening to remove dirt from the skin, while maintaining the natural balance of the skin. Using it daily you can take care of redness and inflammation of the skin, moisturizing and soothing the skin. I really like this product and believe it is perfect for a deep cleansing of the face: the skin seems feel immediately soft after drying your face.

Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream by Beaubelle

Extra Calming Skin Relief Cream

The Extra Calming Skin Relief cream is a super hydrating and soothing skin moisturizer: the texture is quite light, despite being super hydrating and you can apply it without leaving white streaks on the skin. I like the idea of ​​having a cream inside a container with the pump, because in this way it is not necessary to “dip” your fingers in the jar. Also this product has been formulated in such a way as not to create adverse reactions on the part of sensitive skin, so that it can be treated delicately, preventing redness and inflammation.

In addition, the cream also contains hyaluronic acid which is able to protect the skin from pollution and damage resulting from sun exposure that can make the skin even more sensitive. Thanks to the anti-inflammatory and calming action, great benefits can be seen if used regularly. I tend to often have localized redness on my cheeks and I have seen at moment that they have not appeared (I have only been using the cream for a week)! I have a combination skin and  for this reason I pay attention when I apply the moisturizer on my skin using a moderate dose of cream.

Skin Savior Soothing Serum by BeauBelle

siero Beaubelle

Let’s move on the next product that is the serum! You can apply this product at morning and evening, but I prefer to apply it before going to the bed. In this way my skin can slowly absorb the nutrients throughout the nigh. I really like the light texture of the product which takes a few minutes to absorb. This serum contains anti-inflammatory ingredients that act on the skin gently thanks to their restorative and soothing action.

Stress Manager Swiss Rejuvenating oil by Beaubelle

Let’s end talking about the oil by Beaubelle: it is a product that takes care of moisturizing, calming and invigorating the skin thanks to the choice of its natural ingredients. The skin barrier is strengthened, while the skin is moisturized at the same time. You can use the product dosing from 4 to 6 drops or mix it with your face cream. I decided to mix a few drops with the face cream, focusing in particular on those drier areas of the face. In this way, a satisfying result is obtained, moisturizing and illuminating the skin. Alternatively, it is also suggested to use with the foundation to give a luminous touch to your face.

If you want to try these products and suggest you to visit the website

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