The new night serum by Dr. Hauschka

Today I’m going to show you a preview about the famous natural brand Dr. Hauschka and you’ll can buy it in May 2015: it’s a good night serum for revitalising the skin. The main ingredient of this night serum is the apple fruit and apple blossom.

Siero notte Dr. Hauschka

The novelty of this product is that the serum does not leave the skin greasy, but rather the refreshes and makes sure that the product is absorbed quickly enough, but during the entire night ensures proper hydration. During the night our skin regenerates and so why not help it with a special product like this? Before apply the serum at night, you need to take action on the skin, cleansing it and toning.

As said, this serum night by Dr. Hauschka contains natural ingredients: at first, we find fruit and apple blossom (organic) in form of extract rythmisé and hydrosol. Among the other ingredients of this serum are: water, alcohol, vegetable glycerin, apple hydrosol, seaweed extract, witch hazel extract, extract hectorite, apple blossom, essential oils, salt and xanthan.

Serum night comes in a bottle of 25 ml and has a very slight. You can buy this product at the cost of 46 CHF or test the travel version, 2.5 ml, at the costs of 5 CHF. Dr. Hauschka ensures that the amount of the product full size will last 4-5 months.

Siero Dr.Hauschka

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