The range Rêve de miel by Nuxe

Usually when it comes to dry skin and pampering during the winter, it’s very importat to use a good products: I’m talking about Nuxe and about the Rêve de range miel!

Nourishing treatments Rêve de miel by Nuxe

This products created with the intention to nourishing your skin: in fact, the skin is nourished in depth with this cold winter. Nuxe for my opinion is a great brand especially the lip balm: in this case, it is a balm in a jar which is enriched with honey, vegetable oils and propolis. I apply it in the evening, before going to bed, on the whole contour of the lips and especially in the corners, which are more subject to cuts. Now that I have a cold, I also use it a little on the edges of the nose, to hydrate since it is dry.

If you need intense hydration on your face, I suggest you rely on Nuxe’s ​​Rêve de Miele ultra-comforting face balm. This too creates honey, propolis and oils and is able to deeply nourish the bed, repairing it and protecting it from the wind and cold. The skin will be immediately soft and smooth and even the redness and irritation will disappear in no time.

The next product that I present to you is the 48 hours Rêve de miel Ultra-comforting body cream: this product, like the previous ones, is rich in honey and vegetable oils that take care of the skin, especially dry skin, but also the most sensitive ones. This product will allow you to prolong hydration, so as to immediately perceive comfort. If you prefer something different regarding the texture of the product, I suggest you try the Nuxe Melting honey body oil balm, also able to offer maximum comfort for 48 hours. This product, however, is recommended especially for really very dry skin, given the consistency in oil and, therefore, more nourishing.

Of course, the Nuxe range is also rich in many other products that I suggest you discover you in boutique and pharmacy. I have always been very satisfied!

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Melody Laurino
Melody Laurino

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