4 Common Eyeliner mistakes to avoid

Most girls use makeup to have a beautiful natural beauty, however some want to have a particular look for an evening or a special occasion by creating a really special look.

In these cases, you can apply the eyeliner that help you to have a good look,  but when applied correctly you can also make bigger and more seductive your eyes. Unfortunately, however, many women make mistakes when using the eyeliner. Below you find my list about 4 wrong ways that we usually do unconsciously when apply the eyeliner!

  1. Do you always use black and brown eyeliner? These colors of eyeliner are definitely more traditional. Consider the use other colors such as blue or green, which will accentuate the natural color of your eyes. Don’t forget,  the addition of a color butter on the bottom line of the eye help to make your eyes look bigger.Eyeliner The Body Shop
  2.  Do you make a heavy line on the bottom eyelid? No, girls! The year which outlined eyes completely ended! In fact, one eye completely outlined with an eyeliner may appear smaller and, moreover, there is also the possibility to make it appear more any burrs.
  3.  Do you use the right type of eyeliner? The pencil is a good ally every day and for all the people who have just started to put the eyeliner. With this product, in fact, you can create a soft line. The gel eyeliner are relatively simple to use, but it can create a bolder look. The type of eyeliner is definitely harder to use is the liquid eyeliner: with this type of eyeliner you can create a strong line that is definitely ideal for the evening or a party.Eyeliner Grafico Collistar
  4. Do you apply the eyeliner evenly? Many girls usually used to draw a single line of eyeliner starting from the inner corner of the eye until the outer edge. Using this technique you have an irregular line, because our eyelid is formed by soft skin and with small irregularities and variations. With small and short pencil marks you can take the right path for the correct drafting eyeliner and also you can correct errors more easily, rather than remove all the makeup.
I’m not a great expert of eyelinerbut these notes are great that we should all consider to create the right look!

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