Aiomyth, the natural cosmetics

If you read me frequently, you must say that I love so much the moment of relax in my bathroom with the best products: the swiss company Aiomyth give me the opportunity to test some natural cosmetics and now I’m going to show you it!

Aiomyth Wash Silken Moments

Produkte Aiomyth

The first product about Aiomyth that I want to show you it’s the shampoo and shower gel Silken Moments: this products, available at the cost of 39.90 chf in 200 ml (glass bottle) or 29.90 chf (plastic bottle), it’s perfect for all type of skin and hair.

I like it very much for two reason: at the first, the natural and elegant packaging realized with  hand turned cherry wood lids and recycled blue-violet Miron glass (protect the contents from UV-A and UV-B) and at second the magnificent natural scent. All ingredients are certified by international organic regulators like Bio Suisse and raw materials out of other controlled organic farming. When you wash your skin you can feel the scent of flower…I love sooo much! *_*

Cosmetici Naturali Aiomyth   Natural cosmetics Aiomyth

Aiomyth BodyLotion Passion fruit

Cosmetics Aiomyth Produkte

I’m crazy for this bodylotion because it’s a real cocktail with fruit scents!!! You can use it every day after bath and also in the Summer as a moisturising facial lotion (I’m going to test it in the next Summer). This products is available in the shop online in two forms: 50 ml at the cost of 12 chf and 200 ml at 29,00 chf and the both versions is in a black plastic bottle with gold writing, for a decidedly refined look.

The texture is quite soft and the lotion is applied with great ease on the skin, while the color of the lotion is white-cream. The smell, then, is really nice and you can imagine a fragrance with fruit-based… with this scent I think the holiday in Summer.

Aiomyth Produkte  Aiomyth Produkte

Aiomyth Hand & Foot Fresh

Aiomyth Produkte

Last but not least there is Aiomyth Hand & Foot Fresh, a lotion for care of hand and foot. During the winter my poor hand suffer the cold climate (in Switzerland the climate is moooore cold °_°) so I think that this products help me and my hands; Aiomyth Hand & Foot Fresh it’s perfect with the foot…in this way I can take care of my feet before the arrive of the next Summer. The cream spreads easily and has a pleasant scent which is apparent from the presentation of the lemon… it’s a good product that I recommend you! You can buy it in two forms: 15 ml at the cost of 22 chf and 50 ml at the cost of 48 chf; the both product are sell to you in glass bottle.

Aiomyth Produkte  Aiomyth produkte

Are you curious to know where do you find the products  Aiomyth? You can buy it on the shop online of Aiomyth, where you’ll find all products that I show you today. I think that these products are perfect as Christmas gift! I remember you that you can choose to buy also a empty gift box or bag gift for your special presents.

I thank you Joern Volk of Aiomyth company for the samples and the patience to wait my review…sorry my delay!

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