Boho-Chic, the new makeup collection by Revlon

For this Winter, the international directress of Revlon Gucci Westman decided to realized a new makeup collection ispired to the bohéme image, with a romantic and ultra-female look. Let’s go to discover the new Fall-Winter collection and every cosmetics!

Palette Photoready Primer, Shadow+Sparkle

Revlon Boho-Chic autunno inverno 2014-2015

The new palette PhotoReady consists of several products, perfect to realize the makeup for the eyes are well within 5 products: a base, 3 eyeshadows (found precisely arranged in the shape of an eye) and a top coat pearlescent (palette Electic ). As you can see the palette has a silver base, a turquoise eye shadow, dark brown sparklin, gray and a top coat color royal blue metallic. The colors are really very writers and look perfect for a New Year’s or at least really sparkling! 24 CHF

Revlon Boho-Chic autunno inverno 2014-2015

Colorstay Skinny Liquid Liner

This is a pencil for your eyes that you can use for a beautiful look: this cosmetics by Boho-Chic of Revlon has a tip super thin 0.1 mm and the deep black color. 16.90 CHF

Colorstay Eyeliner

The next product of the Boho-Chic collection of Revlon is the eyeliner: it’s a waterproof eyeliner available only in the Sapphire color that is a beautiful sapphire blue (Sapphire). 14.90 CHF

Colorstay Ultimate Suede Lipstick

Revlon Boho-Chic autunno inverno 2014-2015 These new lipstick by Revlon has a semi-matte finish and long lasting. You can buy them in 4 beautiful colors: Wardrobe, Stylist, Ready to wear e Boho Chic. My favorite is the red Boho Chic, that you can use for the Christmas. 23.90 CHF

Revlon Boho-Chic autunno inverno 2014-2015

Highlighting Palette

The highlighting palette “Rose Glow” 5 shades of bright pink. The colors can be applied either separately, but can also be mixed and applied all together. Lighter colors can be used for the arch eyebrows, cheekbones or the inside of the eye. 22.90 CHF

Nail Polishes Revlon

Revlon Boho-Chic autunno inverno 2014-2015Now let’s talking about these wonderful nail polishes/top coats, really perfect for this time of year, but especially for the Christmas holidays. With these nail polishe, you can have a more polished of your nails, but especially many many glitter:  in fact, I prefer to apply it on the nail with a base of the same color and then use them as a real top coat. The colors available with the collection Boho Chic are 4: Artsy (royal blue), Edgy (purple), Confident (red) and Bohemian (turquoise). Edgy and Confident are limited edition! 14.90 CHF

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