My experience with Skin’s and the Brazilian Waxing

At the end of November, thanks to Alessandra of Alema Professional, I could live an relaxing experience at the aesthetic studio in Pazzallo, Lugano-Paradiso: I’m talking about the institute Dahara (here you can take a look at the official website Dahara), where I tested on me the Brazialian Waxing with Italian products by Skin’s. Are you curious to know something more about this treatment?

This technique is mainly based on a Brazilian treatment which consist in 8-10 sessions of hair removal with wax: born in Brazil because the women are at the sea during all year and must shave often, this technique isn’t perfect only to eliminate  the hair, but it goes right to remove completely the hair in depth to decrease drastically the growth of these.

For this hair removal (which you can practice on all areas of the body), you must use a special wax at low temperature: this don’t leave residue on the skin and then, with a quick and unique tear, remove the fluff. The difference from the traditional hot wax lies is that this is at a lower temperature (about 40 °) and, moreover, doesn’t stick on the skin as the traditional one; the pain of the tear is much lower and tried it on my skin. In the past I have also tried the waxing strips cold, but it is different!

There is a procedure to do the brazialian waxing that I felt it on my legs:

  1. Cleaning the skin with cleaning’s paper by Skin’s;
  2. Drafting of the powder pre-depilatory Supreme Powder Skin’s, which contains zinc oxide useful to prepare the skin and have it completely dry;
  3. After bringing the temperature wax Skin’s (there are three types of was Honey, High and Fast), the spreads on the skin with a wooden spoon;
  4. Removing the wax raising in a single shot the wax from the bottom upwards;
  5. Application Lux Massage Oil Skin’s that can replace the Immediate Rescue Emu-Gel;
  6. Use for the next 10-15 days post-epilation serum Nohair of Skin’s.

Daniela if the institute Dahara was really very kind and hospitable: it is concerned that the temperature of the wax was right and I was gently massaged his legs. I came also to discover, in fact, that I have legs lucky: D Although I often use as a method of hair removal the razor blade, my leg hair are few and very soft … good! In conclusion, we can say that is not a simple waxing, but a treatment that must be carried out by agreeing with your beautician; of course, you’ll have to invest money – it varies from the aesthetic studio – to complete the treatment of Waxing Brazialian.

Daniela told me that she usually gives customers a package of 10 sessions and that the treatment half-leg costs 95 CHF per session. The other: bikini is between 35 and 55 CHF (Brazilian treatment, only board or full), while underarms, upper lip and chin area about 30 CHF.

Here you find the list of the aesthetic studio in Ticino, but you can also try it in the other institute in Switzerlad (you can have more information about it writing to )

Estetica Dahara – Lugano Pazzallo
N.G. Studio Estetico – Montagnola
KAOBA – Chiasso
Tel: 091 825 80 80
ELEMIAH – Minusio (Locarno)
Tel: 091 745 45 41
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