Sephora in UK: the beauty big player has just landed

UK friends say goodbye to the «good old days» of! LVMH decided to take over the brand acquired in 2021, bringing Sephora to the British market.

Feelunique becomes

In 2021, LVMH acquisition of gave the chance for some speculation about the idea that Sephora was coming in UK. The new sephoraUK (private) Instagram account suggested the something new was around the corner.

Then the two-day pop-up event at the magical venue of One Marylebone – that has been held in London on 17 October 2022 – was the best place to announce the big news:

Sephora in UK is the next big thing!

The «Express All of You» campaign underlined the hype around the long-awaited move.

But, as we use to say, «something went wrong» during the launch of the new online shop. The «consumer engagement has been phenomenal» stated Sarah Miles, the women who led Feeluinque and now GM of Sephora in UK.

The website was down indeed, due to the multitude of beauty addicted that joined the «party of the beauty products online shopping».

Pocket Palette Sephora blue tones

Sephora in UK: the strategy for the future

Sephora chose wisely a mindful strategy for its presence on the British market. After the launch of the new e-commerce, the first store of Sephora in London will open during the Spring 2023 (March).

The big player of beauty market will then manage a rollout strategy for its stores. The three more relevant locations has been selected for the next opening are Glasgow, Manchester and Birmingham.

It is notable that Sephora will redesign the Feelunique stores in Jersey and Guernsey as a tribute to the history and beginnings of the two brands as small-town businesses.

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