Moët Hennessy debuts in Swiss cities in the bars

Moët Hennessy on tour through Switzerland

Belvedere Spritz

Moët Hennessy have launched for this summer 2020 a special tour through the Swiss cities of Lucerne, Lugano, Geneva, Basel, Lausanne and Bern to taste their new cocktails.

Let’s taste the cocktails by Moët Hennessy

During the month of August, the Moët Hennessy maison decided to debut on a tour to the trendiest clubs throughout Switzerland, where it is possibile to taste the cocktails based on spirits such as Belvedere, Hennessy, Glenmorangie and Ardbeg. So, if you are a cocktail lover you can’t miss the chance to drink something different from the classic sprizt or mojito!

The cocktails prepared during the tour are going to be made with the spirits of the same LVMH group:

  • Hennessy, cognac known all over the world and available in more than 130 countries;
  • Glenmorangie, whiskey from Scotland, aged in oak barrels for an unmistakable aroma and flavour;
  • Ardbeg, Single Malt Scotch Whiskey d’Islay, founded in 1815, loved worldwide for its sweetness;
  • Belvedere Vodka, a spirit made in one of the longest-lived vodka distilleries in the world since 1910;


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Sorseggiando cocktail🥂 Splendido pomeriggio a Lugano al Seven Lounge, uno dei locali più in sul lago! Abbiamo provato due cocktail preparati dalla bartender Valeria Liss con due prodotti della casa Moët Hennesy: 🍹 Belvedere Spritz 🍸 Hennesy Mule Il primo decisamente fresco, preparando con la vodka Belvedere, Lillet, acqua tonica, soda water, una fetta di pompelmo e un ciuffo di timo. L’altro, più forte e dal sapore deciso, con cognac Hennesy Very Special, ginger beer, una fettina di lime e zenzero fresco. Avete un cocktail preferito? Drinking cocktails 🥂 Great time in Lugano at Seven Lounge, one of the best places near the lake! We tried two cocktails made by bartender Valeria Liss with two products by Moët Hennesy: 🍹 Belvedere Spritz 🍸 Hennesy Mule The first is fresh, made with Belvedere vodka, Lillet, tonic water, soda water, a slice of grapefruit and a sprig of thyme. The other, stronger and with a full flavour, with Hennesy Very Special cognac, ginger beer, a slice of lime and fresh ginger. Do you have a favorite cocktail? #belvederevodka #hennessy #belvederespritz #hennesymule #cocktails #swissblogger #viviiltuoticino #ticino #tessin

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Davide and I had the chance to take part in one of the dates scheduled by Moët Hennessy:  on 13th  August 2020, we have been invited in Lugano at Seven Lounge – one of the coolest clubs along the lake – to drink two cocktails made by bartender Valeria Liss, Belvedere Spritz and Hennessy Mule.

The dates schedulated by Moët Hennessy

If you would like to try these cocktails made with the products I mentioned, you can put on your agenda the next events that are going to take place in Switzerland.

Here are the dates:

  • 20th August, Le Baroque – Genève
  • 21th August, Hinz & Kunz – Basel
  • 27th August, The Lausanne Cocktail Club – Lausanne
  • 28th August, Schweizerhof Skylounge – Bern

Have a lot of fun!

Interview with Valeria Liss, bartender at Seven Lounge in Lugano

During the event at Seven Lounge in Lugano, I met the bartender Valeria Liss and I decided to ask her some questions about her work and the gorgeous cocktails we tried. Here you can read her answers:

  1. How do you see your professional figure in this world, that usually is for men?

“This is a good question: I found some difficulties! I don’t want to talk about discrimination, but being a woman, at times, I was taken less seriously than the male colleagues. I feel very satisfied and proud of myself, since I have also reached good levels within the Seven group where I have been collaborating for 6 years. I can say that, despite the difficulties encountered, I managed to make my way for myself a little and get finally taken seriously.”

2. Before you serve us the Belvedere Spritz. I would like to know if you find it a good one for women because it is fresh.

“Yes, yes, the Belvedere Spritz is quite feminine, even if the Hennessy is too. Cognac is consumed a lot by women; only here in Ticino we tend to associate it to the men, because we imagine women drinking smooth cognac, in this glass which is more associated with the spirit of a classic businessman who comes back from work. However, spritz is also consumed by many men, so I think it’s easy and summery cocktail that you drink quietly without too much effort.

3. My blog name is GlamChicBold, so I would like to know how would you define the Belvedere Spritz? 

Well, I would say glam, with this slice of pink grapefruit and a sprig of thyme that make it very glamorous!”

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Buon lunedì amici! 🌸 Lo scorso giovedì sono stata a Lugano insieme a Davide per gustare i cocktail preparati dalla bartender Valeria Liss al Seven Lounge. Qui potete ascoltare l’intervista che le ho fatta e sul blog la trovate anche scritta con tante altre informazioni 🍹 🥂Interview to Valeria Liss 🥂 Happy Monday guys!😊 The last Thursday Davide and I went to the Seven Lounge at Lugano to taste cocktail made by Valeria Liss. Here you can listen the interview to the bartender Valeria and on my blog you can read it also in English 🍹 #belvederevodka #hennessy #belvederespritz #hennessymule #swissblogger #lugano #ticino @prticular @sevenlugano Acid Trumpet by Kevin MacLeod Link: License:

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