Nespresso Esperanza, Tamuka and Amaha

Summer is here, but I would like to eat always a good coffee! For this reason I want to show you the latest capsules arrived at Nespresso shop: Esperanza, Tamuke and Amaha.

Esperanza, Tamuka and Amaha by Nespresso

It has become a habit for me and Davide to go to the Nespresso in Lugano or to the Manor’s machine in the Centro Breggia to buy the coffee capsules. If you are also a Nespresso coffee lover, you have already seen that there are new coffee Esperanza, Tamuka and Amaha. These coffees are produced in Colombia, Uganda and Zimbabwe. Now,  I want to introduce you better for a special  taste experience that you can have if you decide to buy the new Nespresso coffee in capsules.

Esperanza de Colombia

As you well know, the intensity of taste is indicated on each box of capsules and in this case it is 5 on 13. It is a fairly balanced coffee, since the degree of acidity and bitterness are three points out of five; same thing with regards to the body and toasting. However, by preparing the Esperanza de Colombia pods with your Nespresso coffee machine, you can perceive the fruity notes with a touch of cereals.

Tamuka mu Zimbabwe

The next coffee is Tamuka mu Zimbabwe, characterized by a marked acidity and fruity notes, enriched with red fruits, blueberries and red currants. Also this coffee, like the previous one, is classified 5 on 13 for the intensity, therefore I would not recommend it to those who like higher intensities as for the Nespresso Palermo coffee (12 on 13).

Amaha awe Uganda

Let’s end by talking about the last proposal to put in your Nespresso coffee machine: Amaha awe Uganda is cataloged as intensity 8 on 13. This coffee has a fairly balanced acidity, while the taste is possible to perceive floral and sandalwood notes.

The Reviving Origings program

I want to speal about a very interesting project by Nespresso! Reviving Origins is a program launched by the company to try to revive those coffee crops that had been compromised by local vicissitudes. In the case of Colombia after 50 years of conflict it was possible to start growing coffee again in the lands of the department of Caquetá. As many as 1000 local farmers have joined the program and can take advantage of the 78 solar coffee dryers. Nespresso with the collaboration of local partners has also managed to improve the infrastructure and work practices, reviving the production of coffee in this location. There are also political and climatic situations in Uganda and Zimbabwe which have made coffee production difficult. Fortunately, however, thanks to this program it was possible to bring this coffee with a tasty flavor back to life. At the same time, of course, local people are helped with agriculture.

Of course, the news I have just given you is valid for both Nespresso Switzerland and Nespresso Italy. You will find new flavors in all shops, machines and online!

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