The new range by Nuxe Bio

Nuxe is one of these brands that I like very much and in the bio variant it offers a suitable solution for those who are looking for something special.

The range of Nuxe Bio products for all types of skin

Today I want to show you some interesting new features of Nuxe Bio, products that are made 88% from natural ingredients and in a variable percentage coming from organic agriculture. These are products that are recommended for any type of skin, which have different purposes: in fact, you can find masks as well as the corrective cream of the skin that has colored pigments inside.

Here is the list of products:

1. Essential Antioxidant Serum
2. Skin Correcting Moisturising Fluid
3. Glow Rich Moisturising Cream
4. Multi-Perfecting Tinted Cream
5. Anti-Puffiness, Anti-Dark Circle Reviving Eye Care
6. Ultimate Night Recovery Oil
7. Micellar Cleansing Water
8. Radiance Detox Mask
9. Micro-exfolianting Cleansing Mask
10. Replenishing Nourishing Body Oil

As usual, the packaging is also precious: some of these are made of glass, so that the product can be better preserved. In addition, among the impregnations of Nuxe Bio there are also those of biodegrability and recycling: the rinsing treatments are easily biodegradable, while the packaging can be disposed of for the most part.

My opinion about Nuxe Bio products

Nuxe sent me some of this products to try and review! The first one I am talking about is micellar water with moringa seeds, ideal for eliminating impurities from the skin, but also from polluting particles that settle in the city during the day. The skin is fresh and easily removed (both face and eyes). 98% of the ingredients of the micellar water are natural and 11% come from organic farming. The two masks I have are also very interesting: my favorite is the micro-exfoliating cleansing mask with hazelnut powder and 100% natural salicidic acid which refines the grain of the skin, respecting it. Again 98% of the ingredients are natural and 17% organic.

The other mask is the illuminating detoxifier with sesame seed oils and citrus extract: the purpose of this product is to illuminate and detoxify the skin. The peculiarity of this mask is also in its texure: at first it looks like oil and then turns into milk! Here 99% of the ingredients are natural and 50% organic. In the same line I also had the rich moisturizing and illuminating cream: the perfume is tremendously good and has the purpose of plumping up the skin and moisturizing it. It is recommended by for normal and dry skin (I would avoid the more oily ones in summer, because the risk is to weigh down the skin). 99% of the ingredients are natural and 70% organic.

Among the products to try I also have the night oil which, thanks to the action of the ingredients inside it – such as avocado, sesame, jojoba and macadamia oil – is able to slow down the aging process. This product is certainly recommended for normal and dry skin, so as to obtain smooth skin in the morning. Finally, for the body there is also a nourishing and regenerating oil, perfect for deeply nourishing the skin thanks to hazelnut oil. This product is also recommended for dry skin and, precisely for this reason, I will use it in winter, when the skin needs an extra pampering!

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