Bia Discovery Set di Codex Beauty

The Irish brand Codex Beauty has launched a kit particularly suitable for those who want to travel and bring with them the need for skin care.

Let’s discover the Bia Discovery Set by Codex Beauty

Today I would like to show you a brand that is new for me and I tested a few products: I am talking about Codex Beauty, a luxury skincare brand that offers various skin care products. The set is with a small cloth pouch that can be closed thanks to an elastic: inside there are small sizes of products useful for carrying out with you during your holidays.

  • Bia Skin Superfood
  • Bia Exfoliating Wash
  • Bia Eye Gel Cream
  • Bia Day Cream

All products are in a practical format of less than 50 ml! Moreover, all the bottles have been equipped with a practical push applicator, in order to dispense the right quantity of product.

This set is based on science and natural ingredients for the preparation of its products – as well as all the other products in the entire range – I find it ideal also for those people who want to discover a new brand and try products in mini sizes.

My opinion about the Bia Discovery Set by Codex Beauty

I have tested this product and, unfortunately, I have not had a positive experience with all products of this set: in particular, the face cream, the eyes gel a and the skin superfood ’cause me a light redness and burning, while that the exfoliating cleanser does not cause me any problem (I like so much) . All products was tested also by my boyfriend who had no problems like me: therefore, I think that I am allergic to one ingredient! I can tell you that the redness – which disappeared in about 10-15 minutes – is not common to all people. The ingredients in the INCI are natural and come from organic farming. In addition, Codex is also certified as a Cruelty Free and Vegan brand, so ideal if you are looking for a high quality product!

My suggestion is to try a little product in a restricted area to see if it doesn’t have any problems on you. Anyway, I want to tell you that the exfoliating cleanser is very delicate and has a lovely scent. I especially recommend it if you have sensitive and delicate skin to scrubs, because there are very small granules that daily perform a gentle cleansing of the skin of the face.

Turning to the face cream, the eye contour gel and the Skin Superfood, I can tell you that the textures are light and do not leave halos once apply on the skin. The eye contour gel contains arnica and fucus algae and has the purpose of refreshing and illuminating the eye area, while the day cream is made with calendula and the fucus serratus seaweed with repairing and moisturizers. Finally, let’s talk about the Skin Superfood treatment that is made with BiaComplex & Immortelle to nourish and hydrate the skin.

You can find the products on sale on the official website and in the shops that sell organic products.

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Melody Laurino
Melody Laurino

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