How to make the grimace shake?

On Tik Tok and more social media, the grimace shake is running! You can see a fan that drink the Grimace Shake and suddly he/shes is on the floor dying. It isn’t pretty, but more guy are replicating this video with the hashtag #grimaceshake.

For this reason I decided to share with you this recipe and tell you how to make the grimace shake at home. This milkshake is a tribute for the famous character of McDonald’s, Grimace. If you don’t remember who is it, I try to suggest you something!

Who is the Grimace?

In the 2021, the manager of McDonald’s in Canada Brian Bates told to the CBC News that the Grimace is ad eormous taste bud. Then, McDonald’s add some clarification to PEOPLE: “Whether he’s a taste bud, a milkshake or just your favorite purple blob – the best part about Grimace is that he means different things to different people,” the spokesperson said. “Whatever he is, we’re just proud our bestie makes people happy.”

How did the idea of the grimace shake come about?

In the occasion of the birthday (12 June 2023) of this character McDonald’s decided to add to the US menù this yummy milkshake. This is a limited edition but you can try to make it by alone for its 52nd birthday.

How to make the grimace shake at home?

Now it’s the right time to dicover the recipe of the grimace milkshake! It is very simple to do this recipe, because you need only some ingredients that you can find in your home (or supermarket).

  • Handful of blueberries
  • Handful of raspberries (you can also use only blueberries)
  • 3 cups of milk
  • 3 ball of vanilla ice cream
  • whipped cream
  • Hundreds & Thousands

Blend your berries in the blender with the ice cream and milk. If ou need add any sweetner of Choice (even if I suggest you to drink in this way). Pour the misture into the milkshake Glass and add your whipped cream. Finish your grimace shake with a generous handful of hundreds and thousands. That’s it!

When will Grimace Shakes come to the UK?

I am sorry to tell you this, but the Grimace Shake will not come to the UK and Europe because it is a US initiative. So I suggest you try it at home!

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