Review Sol Maté, Glance e Rekorderlig

Today I’m going to speak you about three new drink that I tried the last year and I would like to know it you. They are three drinks that you can buy at the shop online . Now let’s go to discover these drink!

Drink Sol Maté, Glance e Rekorderlig

Review Sol Maté

Drink Sol Maté, Glance e Rekorderlig

Let’s go with the first drink, that I liked very much: I’m talking about the Sol Maté. I never try this kind of drink, but I like it! As you can see from my picture it seems lemonade mandarin, but its taste is different. It’s a carbonated drink, but natural, as you can read on the can. Its flavor is similar to the apple cinder, but there is some different in the ingredient because I feel a little bit of citrus fruits. If you know me, you know that I don’t like very much all carbonated drink, but this it’s perfect to organize an aperitif with friends. Another curiosity, it’s that the Maté is the favorite drink of Papa Francesco 😀 If you want to try this drink, you can buy it in the Swiss shop online that I wrote it at the beginning of my article!

Drink Sol Maté

Review Glance

Drink GlanceThe next drink that I show you it’s Glance:  it’s a tonic water, flavored with lime which is also perfect for cocktails really original design, but it is also very good to drink alone. I believe it can also fit drunk just for a drink, but my partner appreciates the well at dinner. The drink in question is crisp and has a really cool packaging. Even a friend of ours has been able to appreciate and said that he liked to own particular that hint of lime.

Review Rekordelig

Drink Rekorderlig

Finally, we end with the last two drinks that definitely are the most peculiar and curious: I’m talking about these two drinks , that you can see in the picture, and one of these is a limited edition. Rekorderlig, Swedish brand, offers us these its fruity pear ciders, but these are even more special because they are of unusual tastes. Packaging is definitely very nice and inviting, but I must tell you that as someone who does not like so much the drinks particular, these are not for me; my partner, however, has especially enjoyed the proposal strawberry-lime, and told me for the other variant  that it was very special but still enjoyable. You have already tried these drinks?

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