La nuova collezione Yankee Candle per l’autunno 2021

Autumn is slowly approaching and Yankee Candle is offering us a new collection to perfume our homes and let us create magical atmospheres at home. Woodland Road Trip is the name of the new Yankee Candle collection for autumn 2021: let’s discover the assortment together!

Yankee Candle’s new collection features four scents that immediately bring autumn days to mind. The jars in this collection are available in medium and large sizes. As you know, these are candles that you can collect and light in the evening while sipping herbal tea or, why not, a nice hot bath.

The Yankee Candle 2021 catalogue for autumn includes these 4 candles:

  • Farm Fresh Peach
  • Autumn Sunset
  • Woodland Road Trip
  • Freshly Tapped Maple

Farm Fresh Peach Yankee Candle

Farm Fresh Peach Yankee Candle

This fragrance combines the scent of peach and apricot! The top notes are those of green leaves, apricot and orange, while the heart is peach and dried plum. The base notes are musk, plum and vanilla. With this candle you can create a pleasant atmosphere throughout your home that recalls the scents of the countryside.

Autumn Sunset

Autumn Sunset Yankee Candle

The autumn sunset with notes of creme wood and sandalwood will warm up the home environment. This candle has amber, sandalwood and oud as oven notes, while in the heart there is cedarwood and heliotrope. To top it all off, there are notes of lemon and orange, perfect for relaxing.

Woodland Road Trip

Woodland road trip Yankee Candle

We travel with mind and body thanks to the wonderful warm scents of this candle which evokes jasmine and fir. In the base notes are Madagascar vanilla pod, white suede and labdanum, before moving on to the heart of Douglas fir, white vetiver, clay and sage. We finish with the top fragrance notes with green mandarin, iced jasmine and white rose.

Freshly Tapped Maple

Freshly Tapped Maple Yankee Candle

Yankee Candle’s Woodland Road Trip collection closes with Freshly Tapped Maple, which features top notes of sweet orange peel, whipped milk and brown sugar. In the heart, however, there is maple sugar, bourbon vanilla, coconut cream and sugared cinnamon; salted caramel, vanilla pod and sugar pralines close it all out.

All Yankee Candle candles for autumn 2021 can be found at Manor in Switzerland, but also in Italy at Coin.

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