The new recovery night serum Elixir Botanique by Yves Rocher

During the last press day in Milan, I had the opportunity to discover a preview of the new recovery night serum Elixir Botanique by Yves Rocher. This product is a real ally for regaining a glowing appearance, especially if you don’t get a good night’s sleep.

The new serum by Yves Rocher

The latest novelty from Yves Rocher is a night serum from the Elixir Botanique line, which is designed to revitalise the skin and make it radiant when you wake up. Due to its formula, it is also called melatonin-effect restorative serum, as its beneficial effects on the skin are similar to those of melatonin, i.e. antioxidant and protective.

The Yves Rocher serum has a two-phase texture that is very light on the skin. Two botanical oils were selected for this product that the skin absorbs quickly, remaining fresh and soft to the touch.

The main ingredient in the formula of the new Elixir Botanique serum is gardenia. This flower is able to reduce anxiety and promote sleep; in fact, gardenia sends our neurotransmitters the signal to rest. Gardenia extract also triggers the skin’s biological repair and defence mechanisms through its protective and antioxidant properties.

This plant is also able to protect our skin from the oxidative effect that is generated when our skin comes into contact with fine dust. Don’t forget, however, that this product is 99% made from ingredients of natural origin.

Il nuovo siero notte Elixir Botanique di Yves Rocher

Commitment to the planet with Yves Rocher’s Elixir Botanique range

This product line from Yves Rocher consists of a series of products that are ideal to complete all skin care. It is also very environmentally friendly thanks to the choice of ingredients and strategic packaging.

Yves Rocher is committed to an eco-design approach with its packaging: for example, the packaging is open on the sides (saving 41% cardboard) and there is no plastic protective film (saving 1.8 tonnes of plastic per year). The product packaging is also made of recyclable glass!

Il nuovo siero notte Elixir Botanique di Yves Rocher
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