Daylong Sport 50+ Sunscreen

The new Daylong Sport 50+ sunscreen

Summer is coming and for this reason I decided to show you the last novelty by Daylong: I can’t wait to speak about the Daylong! This year has launched a novelty sunscreen for athletes, perfect from the normal to hypersensitive skin.

How to protect the skin of athletes in the summer

The Daylong 50 sunscreen is a perfect product for sports and therefore sweats frequently. The product, in fact, is resistant to sweat and is also tested for excellent resistance to fresh and salt water. During exercise, therefore, you can be protected with a light layer of Daylong sunscreen which will allow you to play sports without getting burned.

The Fast Absorber technology also allows you to apply the product and make it absorb quickly. In this way, in addition to a high degree of safety, you can also perceive immediate comfort and not that feeling of stickiness or grease. You can apply Daylong 50+ Sport as a sunscreen on the face every day – obviously also on the shoulders, behind the neck and on all those areas that remain uncovered during motor activity.

Where can I buy the new Daylong Sport 50+ sunscreen?

If you are wondering where it is possible to buy this product, we have the answer: sunscreen in pharmacies such as Amavita, Coop Vitality or from Manor. I also remind you that Daylong offers many other skin protection solutions on the market: for example, Daylong Kids (suitable for children’s skin), Daylong sensivite fluid BB or many other products for the family.

Of course, keep an eye on the shelves at the supermarket to discover Daylong in “akition”!

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