Dr. Hauschka launched novelties for Spring 2020

It’s the right time to discover the last novelties launched by  Dr. Hauschka for Spring 2020: today I’m going to show you the new eyeshadows and the bronzer that you already find on sale in the store!

The new eyeshadows by Dr. Hauschka

If you are looking for natural eyeshadows that are able to give you a touch of shine to the makeup, then you should definitely take a look at the latest launch of Dr. Hauschka. Last February 15, in fact, 5 new single-eye shadows were launched, equipped with a mirror and brush. The dark colored plastic pack is certainly very elegant; below, here are the colors:

  • 04 Verdelite (dark green)
  • 06 Opale Blanche (matte white)
  • 07 Aigue-marine (cobalt blue)
  • 08 Topaz Dorée (golden topaz)
  • 09 Quartz Fumé (smokey quartz)

I have only tested four of these colors and my favorite is 08: I still suggest you use these eyeshadows with a creamy base to obtain an intense result, especially for some lighter colors such as 06 and 07.

You can apply the new eyeshadows by Dr. Hauschka yourself or, alternatively, use them together with the Eyeshadow Trio to give greater expression to your make up. Let’s go to discover all new eyeshadows!


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Novità Dr.Hauschka per la primavera 2020: vi annuncio l’arrivo di alcuni ombretti monocialda e del fluido colorato concentrato che potrete utilizzare per i vostri trucchi luminosi. Gli ombretti che vedete in foto, sono questi: 🌱07 Aigue-Marine(blu cobalto/cobalt blue) 🌱08 Topaz Dorée (topazio d’orato/golden topaz) 🌱09 Quartz Fumé (quarzo sfumato/Smokey quartz) 🌱06 Opale Blanche (bianco opaco/ Matte white) These are the new eye shadows launched by @drhauschka.ch for Spring 2020. You can also find the translucent bronzing tint for a beautiful sun-kissed look 😍on my blog you can find my post about these novelties! #photooftheday #naturalmakeup #drhauschkamakeup #drhauschka #springiscoming #primavera

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Translucent bronzing tint by Dr. Hauschka

The next product I’m talking about is the concentrated colored fluid, a product that will help you acquire a fresher, brighter and healthier appearance, since you can sculpt the shadows of the face. It is a recommended product for all skin types, with a formula enriched with olive oil and witch hazel for a uniform and natural complexion, kissed by the sun.

The product is sold with a pump dispenser, so that you do not have to dip your hands, but dose precisely on the back of the hand or directly on the face. In the bottle there are no less than 18 millimeters of liquid bronzer. You can also use this bronzer by mixing it directly with your day treatments, on the hand. I also remind you that you can also use it on the neck and modulate the color, adding more or less quantity of product.

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