Review Petit Remède by L’Occitane

Surely you will have seen on my Instagram profile the product I want to talk to you about today: it is a multipurpose repair balm that we can use on several occasions, as if it were a classic “grandmother’s remedy”.

Le Petite Remède by L’Occitane

This product, made with 100% natural ingredients, will allow you to take care of your skin (and not only) in a delicate way, thanks to the careful selection of ingredients. In fact, various oils and butters have been included inside: Immortelle essential oil for antioxidant and restorative action, lavender essential oil for softening, shea butter for nourishing, almond oil to soften and make the skin silky and the arnica which is capable of stimulating micro-circulation and has anti-inflammatory benefits.

Furthermore, this balm does not contain any perfume, artificial coloring and petrochemical ingredients: in short, it is a completely natural product.

How to use multiuse balm?

Moving on to the uses of this multipurpose conditioner, they can tell you that there are even more than 50 different uses: for example, you can use it for the lips, but also for the roughest areas of the body such as the elbows, knees and heels. L’Occitane’s Le Petite Remède multipurpose conditioner is also useful for taking care of dry hands as it softens them and gives the nails shine; then it also nourishes the hair intensely, especially the ends.

Another point in favor of this L’Occitane product concerns the packaging: for the uninitiated, in fact, the Provenza brand has decided to make it in 100% recycled aluminum. The ingredients also come from sustainable agriculture, thanks to local producers with fair trade programs.

My opinion about Le Petite Remède by L’Occitane

I have tried the product several times and I can tell you some of my impressions: the perfume is really very pleasant and delicate. The texture is that of a very rich butter that you can perceive on the skin: in a certain sense, I can tell you that it will “grease” you well, nourishing the skin. So if you decide to use it on your hands, please, do it in the evening. It is perfect for the driest areas of the skin, as it takes care of it in a targeted way. Do not apply it before a liquid lipstick, because you risk not being able to fix it, given the “greased” formula.

I remind you that in the shop you will find the 15 gram version for sale at a cost of 15 CHF and the 100 gram version at 47 CHF. It is on sale both in Switzerland and in Italy!


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Arriva il fine settimana ed oggi vi voglio mostrare una novità presto disponibile da L’Occitane! Si tratta di Le Petit Remède, un balsamo multiuso che si può utilizzare in tanti modi su mani, labbra, viso, capelli e corpo…insomma, una vera bacchetta magica control la pelle secca 😱 Vi ricordo pure che è privo di oli minerali, petroli, colori artificiali e fragranze ed è al 100% fatto di ingredienti naturali. Voi avete un balsamo per la pelle secca preferito per l’inverno? Amo il suo tocco vintage con la piccola scatolina da portare in borsa! Today I’m going to show you a preview@about @loccitane_ch :it’s a multiuse balm perfect to protect and care your skin during this cold Winter😍Have you got a favorite balm for dry skin? 🥰 This is perfect for your lips, hands, hair, body and face! I want to remember you that Petit Remedy is free from mineral oil, petroleum, artificial colors and fragrance😛I love its vintage look! #swissblogger #swissbeautyblogger #skincare #dryskin #pellesecca #balm

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