I am Natural Cosmetics launches 3in1 useful for facial care

Properly treat your body is essential and I am  Natural Cosmetics with the new oil can do it! The assortment, therefore, has been enriched again with a beauty product 3in1 useful for facial care, body and hair.

After a long winter with strong cold, rain and snow, you need to take care of your skin. Why don’t try a new oil for your care such as I am Natural Cosmetics from Migros?

I am Natural Cosmetics olio nutriente bellezza Migros

The formula of this oil I am Natural Cosmetics with a combination of organic argan oil, almonds and babassu, are known as much treating. In addition, the oil contains natural vitamin E and is perfect to nourish the skin, increasing the level of firmness and elasticity, without forgetting that it also preserves the moisture balance.

In addition to using your oil nourishing for the skin, you can also use it to your hair, giving them a touch of gloss over and softer just as if they were silk. Do not forget, too, that even the smell is wonderful: you can remain delighted by the delicious fragrance that will have on the skin or hair.

To apply the oil on your skin, you should do after showering with skin still wet; for application on the hair, however, put a few drops on your hands and then spread on wet or dry hairs. An alternative use of the oil by I am Natural Cosmetics is as intensive treatment will be useful to distribute it on the tips of the hair before washing them and then rinse thoroughly. The product is already available at Migros at the cost of 9.80 CHF in a bottle of 100 ml. Try it!

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