The hemp soap by The Body Shop

If there is one thing that I really like of The Body Shop are definitely the packaging and scents that are always very special: this time,  I would show you the new soap to hemp by The Body Shop, available now in stores and shop online.

This soap hemp is presented in a form very special, but mostly it was placed on a rope, so give it a very  touch of “wild” and let us make a jump directly in nature, among the leaves of hemp. The cord that has been linked to hemp soap by The Body Shop allows us to place it within our own shower, so there are no obstacles on the edges of the tub. Another thing that must be said to the form: this soap not only was created with seed oil Hemp of  Fair Trade, but occurs also in the form of a hemp leaf complete with embossed pattern on it.

Sapone alla canapa The Body Shop

Moving on to the product, I can tell you that it is extremely suitable for dry skin – fortunately not my case – and in the winter it is perfect (also for me) to take care well of the skin, especially the legs. This soap of hemp is also well suited in case of irritated skin. You must try!

In the same line thee are other products useful for skin care: it is the hand cream (considered a best seller – 19.90 chf), the body butter (24.90 chf), the protection foot (16.90 chf), face protection (19.90 chf), protection lips (12.90 chf) and butter hands (22.9o chf).

Sapone alla canapa The Body Shop

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