Migros launches the Zoe UltraSensitive

Migros has introduced a new line of products suitable for sensitive skin: it is Zoé Ultrasensitive, certified products also “aha! Allergy Center Switzerland” and therefore also suitable for those people who suffer from skin allergies.

As you know, sensitive skin need more attention because it can irritate very easily and also can not stand nor cold nor hot; let’s not forget that you can redden or dehydrate quite easily. The products range Zoé Ultrasensitive, for sale by Migros, were made without perfumes, dyes and preservatives and contain no preservatives and even alcohol.

The great innovation of these products lies in the fact that also contain the active ingredient delisens that is capable of toning the skin sensitive, also activating its barrier function, protecting from rays of light and possibly inflammation.

Migros show us  Zoe UltraSensitive

Zoé Ultrasensitive line consists of three products:

  • Zoé Ultrasensitive 24h: day cream and night function nourishing and soothing for sensitive skin. Costa 12.80 CHF and found by Migros in 50 ml bottle;
  • Zoé Ultrasensitive Anti-Age: Wrinkle Cream with SPF 15, available at a cost of 15.80 CHF and found by Migros in 50 ml bottle.
  • Zoé Ultrasensitive eye: smoothes the skin around the eyes gently. You can find it on sale at a cost of 12.80 CHF in small 15 ml bottle.

Zoè UltraSensitive

Zoè UltraSensitive

Zoè UltraSensitive

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