Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum

The Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum fragrance

If you liked Prodigieux le parfum, you certainly cannot help but appreciate the new fragrance Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum.

The ingredients of Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum

The new product by Aliza Jabès presents as an intense perfume, since it has been concentrated at 25%, twice more than the original eau de parfum. It is a very interesting fragrance starting from its oil formulation. The floral notes inside are intense and voluptuous: you can perceive the presence of tiare, broom, vanilla and tonka beans.

Another interesting detail concerns the cap: you can comfortably apply this fragrance thanks to the latter, choosing to put it in the pulsating areas such as the inside of the wrists, neck, neck and décolleté.

Nuxe prodigieux Absolute De Parfum

Where can you buy Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum?

Nuxe Prodigieux Absolute de parfum is already available from October 2019: you will find the fragrance in a brown and gold box, with a dark bottle where there are golden reflections. The bottle is 30 ml and you can find it on sale at a cost of 79 CHF.

I also remind you that Prodigieux le parfum is also available, the first fragrance in the 50 ml format for 58 CHF.

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