Review about Florence Bio Cosmesi products

Today I’m going to show you a beautiful kit of Italian products for your skincare: I’m talking about Florence – Bio Cosmesi, brand certificated BIO and AIAB ECOBIOCOSMESI.Let’s go to discover the three products by Florence Bio Cosmetics!

Review about face cream with pure snail slime

Let’s start talking about the face cream with pure snail slime, organic damask rose water and organic goji extract. This moisturizing and anti-wrinkle cream is in a bottle of 50 ml and has been equipped with a push dispenser so that the cream can be dosed adequately. I find this solution more hygienic, especially if you use the same cream with your sister or mother. The texture of this cream may seem very full-bodied and dense, but in reality it is light and with a pleasant fragrance: spreading it on the skin you will notice that there are still trails of white product and, therefore, you will have to massage it well for complete absorption. Despite this aspect – which for some may be negative – in reality the cream is well absorbed and there is nothing left on the skin. No oily and heaviness! Having a mixed skin I thought that in the long run there could be problems, but in reality I found that it is not giving me any problem even on the T zone. The skin is so hydrated for a long time, bright and made more elastic thanks to the selection of ingredients made from the brand: in this way, the skin is stimulated in the production of elastin and collagen. The face cream with Florence pure snail slime is also rich in vitamin E and C, elements that play a key role for our skin: both play an antioxidant action fighting free radicals. I can say that it is certainly promoted: it is suitable for all skin types – in the oily one, be careful not to overdo it – and it should be applied to the face, neck and décolleté, avoiding the eye area. Surely, I suggest it especially if you have dry skin. In the past I used other snail slime products that didn’t suit me because they caused redness, but with this I didn’t notice any discomfort, nor burning or pulling skin. So, according to my point of view, it is also perfect for those with sensitive skin (I am a case of sensitive mixed skin). You can find the serum on Amazon for sale!

Review about face cream with retinol

The next cream I’m going  to show you is with retinol, hyaluronic acid, jojoba oil and vitamin E. This cream was created with the aim of slowing down skin aging, since it has retinol as its main ingredient, a substance that penetrates deep into the skin giving it immediately a youthful and fresh appearance. In fact, it is an ingredient with an antioxidant action, which stimulates cell turnover; in a certain sense, we can say that the skin is led to a rejuvenation process where blemishes and imperfections improve thanks to the action of this product. However, the texture of this cream is apparently lighter, but once on the skin it almost seems to me that the absorption massage should be slightly longer than the cream I mentioned above. I recommend the use of this cream especially during the winter season or in any case if you have to expose yourself to the sun it is better to stop because the retinol makes the skin of our face more sensitive.

Review about serum

The serum is the product that you can use both during the day and in the evening, but I usually only use it in the evening before going to bed. The first thing I want to emphasize is the presence of a pipette dispenser that allows you to take the right amount of product: I put it on two fingers, rub between them and then I go to massage it first on the cheeks and then on the rest of the face, always avoiding the eye area. Generally, I do not always have a good relationship with serums because having mixed skin it is difficult to find one that does not end up highlighting excess sebum in the T zone. This Florence serum, on the other hand, is able to deeply nourish the skin during the night, without highlighting the forehead or creating other types of discomfort. Therefore, I recommend the use of this product for all skin types, always paying attention in the dose for oily and combination skin like mine. It is an anti-aging treatment enriched with vitamin C (useful for stimulating the production of collagen), hyaluronic acid and ferulic acid. I also remind you that Florence’s serum with hyaluronic acid is in first place on Amazon in the night and day serum categories for the face, but also on the 1st among the 100 in the beauty category. Overall, I can say that of these three products, serum is certainly what I liked most of all. Surely it is worth trying!

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