Nuxe Super Serum 10

When you hear speaking about this brand, usually come immediately to mind the lip balm Nuxe Reve De Miel (one of my best loved) or the Huile Prodigieuse by Nuxe I often spoke about. Today I’m going to present you as a very interesting preview the Nuxe Super Serum 10, a ialuronic acid enriched product you could smartly use during your skincare routine!

The new Super Serum 10 by Nuxe

This new product signed by Nuxe contains a lot of fractional vegetal oils microspheres that are able to stimulate the skin and its processes that help it to maintain young and solid.

Using only a few drops of product, you are going to notice just immediately great improvement on rids and scratches or marks on the skin, making it also more toned. It helps you also on taking care of your moles on the skin, making uniform also the ruddiness.

You could apply this product in the morning or evening, just after you washed your skin!

The Nuxe Super Serum 10 formula

Taking a closer look at this product, we notice that the ialuronic acid is a very important ingredient on the formula of this new product by Nuxe. This ingredient has been obtained from a special vegetal bio technology. The vegetal oils contained in the drops are well visible when you’re applying the product on the skin. You could notice this especially when you’re applying the serum on your skin: the oils melt perfectly thanks to this special composition.

In the formula of the Super Serum 10 by Nuxe has been added the patented vegetal complex with Edelweiss native cells: these are reproduced in laboratory through a bio technological vegetal proccess using only a little fragment of plant. This ingredient is indeed well suited to gain an effective anti-age effect.

This one is a vegan product and the 95% of its ingredients are really natural!

My opinion for the new Super Serum 10 by Nuxe

I started testing this serum some time ago and today I want to share my opinion with you. This serum has a particular texture: as you can see inside the liquid product there are little balls that, with the contact with the skin, break and melt within the serum. I use a small dose of serum, because I have combination skin, before going to bed and I dab it on my face. In this way the treatment can be absorbed into the skin throughout the night. I didn’t notice greasy areas the next day! The appearance of the skin is luminous and smooth when you touch it.

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Melody Laurino

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