How to make your eyeshadow last longer

We usually create wonderful make up on our eyes that are not going to last all day long, because the colour falls out on the wrinkles of our eyelid. Fortunately there are many solutions we can rely on to make our eyeshadow last longer.

How to keep eyeshadow from smudging on the wrinkles of the eye

If you are a make up lover and you have to find something you can’t really stand, this is indeed the make up that doesn’t last and falls out on the skin wrinkles. This is the reason why today I’m going to tell you something about how you could prevent that eyeshadow smears on your eye wrinkles: in this way, you’re not going to experience that bad feeling you typically have to face when in the middle of the day suddenly you have to make again your makeup.

If you are indeed asking yourself what you have to put on your eyes before you apply eyeshadow, you probably already know the answer: that is the primer, but today I want to give you some additional tip that is going to help you when you haven’t got any of this cosmetic that you can replace with something else.

So if you would like to avoid this endless battle against the powder eyeshadows that fall on the wrinkles of the eye or – and this going from bad to worst – create an unaesthetic fall-out, this is what you’re going to use:

  • The right eye brush
  • Concealer
  • Eye pencil
  • Cream eyeshadow
  • Setting spray
  • Face powder

These all are the cosmetics or tools you are going to use to prevent that eyeshadow falls out on the skin wrinkles. Now let’s take a closer look on the products I just suggested you.

Using the right pencil or fingers

Do you already know that there are some colours you can apply in a better way on your eyelid using a certain pencil or fingers? Yes, that’s true: using the right pencil when you’re applying your eyeshadow can really help you to get a better result! When we consider eye makeup, we should have got two different types of pencil: the first one is designed to apply the powder and the other one is usually made to blend. Please keep in mind that the one has been designed to blend the makeup isn’t going to help you in any way to apply in the right way the colour on your eyelid!

If you want to get a brighter or stronger colour on your eyelid, you should consider to put some water on your brush before you use it to apply your makeup. If you prefer to use your fingers, the right tip you should keep in mind is that you could tapping it on your eyelid instead of rubbing it: you’re going to apply correctly your best loved powder creating your wonderful makeup! I just remember now one the last palette I bought: I’m thinking about the Nikkie Tutorials x Beauty Bay palette. This one has been designed with its technical data sheet where you can find some suggestions on how you can apply the eyeshadows for a long lasting result. My tip is always the same: remember to spend some time on testing, because this is the only way you can figure out which one is the best applying technique for the eyeshadow you choose.

Come far durare a lungo l'ombretto

Use the concealer as eyeshadow primer

If you wouldn’t use the products I just listed above, you could obviously rely on a cosmetic we all have: this is the concealer you normally apply under your eyes. This product can be used to reduce the eyeshadow imperfections you’re going to notice at the end of the day. Please remember to do not exceed with the quantity of concealer you’re going to apply in the best way, perhaps using a brush or warming the product with the help of your fingers (depending on the texture of the concealer). Take a look here at some of the best concealers you should use to apply your powder eyeshadow:

The pencil as eyeshadow primer

If you don’t want to use the standard primer to prevent that eyeshadow melts down just after a couple of hours, I would suggest you to use an eye pencil. If you are wondering on how should apply the jumbo eye pencil, you have to colour your eyelid with the help of the pencil, choosing a similar nuance you are going to match with the one you would like to use on the next step. Please keep in mind that this little trick will help you in particular with the darkest colours – as blue, green and violet – that normally are more difficult to apply on your eye. If the colour of the powder eyeshadow you choose to apply is lighter, you’re going to use as eyeshadow primer a pencil of a lighter nuance, better if you choose between white or butter. This tip is going to help you on making uniform your eyelid (in particular if you choose a butter colour one) or when you’re in need of making more vivid your colour (with the white primer), making your eyeshadow standing out and lasting indeed longer.

Come far durare a lungo l'ombretto

The cream eyeshadow to make last longer the powder one

Also the cream eyeshadow can be an interesting solution to get rid of the problem that eyeshadow powder bring in your daily makeup routine. If you’re in need of an effective workaround, I just suggest you to find a cream eyeshadow on your cosmetic arsenal to make your eyeshadow last longer. You don’t need to find one of the same colour of the powder eyeshadow you wish to use: you are going to get a good result – with a long-lasting performance of your shiny makeup – even if you use one that is brighter.

Setting spray for the eye makeup

Known as Setting Mist according to the makeup jargon, we all know it as setting spray for the makeup. Probably all the cosmetics brands have developed their own setting spray that we usally rely on to make last longer our face makeup and obviously the one of the eyes. We simply need to close our eyes and spray it all around the face. In this way, we are going to set our eyeshadow and make it more vivid throughout the day, as we do with our foundation. As I already told you, a lot of brands use to offer us this cosmetic: you are going to find out some setting spray – if you’re on a budget – taking a look at the Essence brand, as well as you’re going to be able to buy the one provided us by Urban Decay, very well known for its quality also among the makeup trendsetters. You can buy your best loved setting spray for your makeup also on Amazon, and these are the ones I choose for you:

Using the face powder to get rid of the excess of grease on the eyelid

Not so rarely the eyeshadow application doesn’t last so long due to the excess of grease that normally settles in this particular area of the face. Using a little bit of face powder on a very well cleaned eyelid will help you to absorbe the excess of grease and to prepare in the best way the eye to apply your eyeshadow. In this way, it will last longer and it will help you to get the best results from your makeup all long the day. Please keep in mind that you always have to check out if your face powder has been correctly tested and approved by an ophthalmic establishment for the application also on the eye area: otherwise, avoid to use this little trick on your beauty and makeup routine, choosing between all the others I spoke about on the previous paragraphs.

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