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The new makeup collection by Catrice is amazing: let’s jump back in the Sixties, at the time that the actress and model Twiggy conquered all with her doll style. With a thick  eyeliner and several coats of mascara and pastel colors, including lavender, light green and apricot, you can create a fresh doll look  with new products Catrice! The new collection Doll’s Collection Catrice will be available from mid of March to mid March 2015.

Satin Matt Eyeshadow – Doll’s Collection Catrice

Doll Collection CatriceThese eyeshadow have a soft texture and show us as satin-matt finish are available in three beautiful colors: lavander, cream and green. Available colors:

  • C01 Playing in Lavender Heaven
  • C02 Hide & Green
  • C03 Be My Porcelain Doll!

Matt Dip Eyeliner – Catrice

Eyeliner Doll Collection Catrice   This beautiful eyeliner is perfect to create an amazing doll look with a matt black!

Glamour Doll Mascara – Catrice

Mascara Black Catrice

This mascara will help you get a deeper look with lashes extra volume and longer. The mascara of the new collection by Catrice Doll Collection will be available in the only black color.

Doll Lashes – Doll’s Collection Catrice

Doll Collection Catrice This small set is perfect to create a doll look really special! This set contains within upper and lower lashes and also a little glue to make them adhere to our eye.

Ball Blush – Catrice

Catrice Doll CollectionDab this creamy blush dome directly on the cheeks to get a fresh apricot color, with a matte finish. The light texture on the skin provides an extraordinary color on the skin. The only color available is C01 Droll.

Nail Lacquel – Catrice

Doll Collection nail lacquelLavender, apricot, pastel green and white with sparkles of apricot color: these are the colors of the retro look that you will find with Doll’s Collection of Catrice. These colors can ensure maximum coverage and maximum brilliance. Available colors:

  • C01 Droll like a Doll
  • C02 Playing in Lavender Heaven
  • C03 Hide & Green
  • C04 Be My Porcelain Doll!

Cuticle Tattoos – Doll’s Collection Catrice

Catrice adesiviThese beautiful cuticle tattoos are applied directly below the nail bed on your fingers. Remove any make-up residues or excess sebum, choose the desired tattoo size, cut it out and remove the white backing paper. Then press the tattoo onto dry skin for 5 seconds with the image facing downwards. Now you have your tattoo! You can remove  using baby oil. The colors is C01 Catch me if you’re Ken!

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