The pullover Kenzo and the alternatives low cost

If you are a fashion victim, you must love the new tiger trend! I deal with about the Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt, the beautiful sweatshirt that all want it! The only problem is the price because it’s a product very expensive: the Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt costs about 200 euros. If you can’t buy it, I advice you about some alternative sweatshirt similar the proposal of Kenzo.

Felpa Kenzo

t-shirt Kenzo    felpa Kenzo

For example, you can purchase the fac simile Kenzo Tiger sweatshirt signed by Zara: this sweatshirt is realized in 100% cotton and its cost is 39,95 euros. 

Zara felpa leone   Zara felpa leone

Another similar proposal is by : a yellow sweatshirt at the price of 88.81 € with a big profile of lion. This proposal is more aggressive, but the effect is beautiful.
Hey girls, this is only some my proposal, but if you find another sweatshirt please show me!

Asos felpa simile Kenzo   Asos felpa simile Kenzo

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