Oral hygiene with Listerine Total Care

Oral hygiene is very important not only only to show off a beautiful smile, but also for our health; infact, there are prospect that it will be some problems about the teeth or gums. The Listerine Total Care mouthwash can help our oral hygiene!

When I was a teenager limit to wash my teeth only once a day, but now it isn’t the same situation: in fact, now after washing my teeth carefully, I use dental floss and then refresh the mouth with a good mouthwash. My contact in Switzerland for the brand Listerine Total Care sent me the new Listerine mouthwash and so I could try the new product.

Listerine Total Care

Drink you Listerine Total care and it will help you in six ways:

  1. Reduces plaque
  2. Maintains healthy gums
  3. Strengthens teeth with fluoride fighting cavities
  4. It prevents the formation of tartar and keep teeth white
  5. Give you freshness to the mouth long term
  6. Overall, Listerine Total Care maintains balance in the oral flora.

What is the feeling you have when it’s in your mouth? When it sanitizes the mouth (20 ml Listerine for 30 seconds), you can feel the freshness in the mouth about eucaliptolo, menthol, thymol and methyl salicylate.

I dont’ love mouthwash, because it annoy my togue, but it’s very important to use it!

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