Review about Wishes & Matte Collection by Zoya

I had already shown these nail polishes before, but today I just want to give you my opinion about these beautiful nail polishes. I use them more and more and I like them: the colors are bright and above all have a good durability.

I know I’m a little late, I’m sorry, but the named Wishes and the Matte Velvet can buy even on the official website  Let’s start talking about the collection Wishes which is composed of six shades that offerfull-coverage formula and Magical Pixie Dust creating a perfect combinationThese nail polishes able to satisfy all women, as there are both proposals glitter that full-covarage. Below you find the list of the colors:

  • Zoya Imogen Pixie Dust
  • Zoya Nori Pixie Dust
  • Zoya Thea Pixie Dust
  • Zoya Haven
  • Zoya Prim
  • Zoya Willa

My favorite color is Nori! Zoya Wishes   Zoya Wishes Zoya Wishes ZoyaIf you love the matte colors, you will certainly appreciate the collection Matte Velvet: this line of nail polishes, in fact, consists of six colors completely opaque, that going to cover the nail with rich and full colors. If you don’t like these colors,  you can use your nail polish with the Matte Velvet TopCoat that help you to transform the normal color in matte color. However, below I present collection colors Matte Velvet:

  • Zoya Dovima
  • Zoya Veruschka
  • Zoya Posh
  • Zoya Loredana
  • Zoya Savita
  • Zoya Harlow

In this case, my favorite color is the beautiful red 🙂 Zoya Matte Velvet Zoya Matte Velvet Zoya Matte Velvet Zoya   Topcoat Matte Velvet Zoya You can buy all nail polishes  with a small advantage: I offer you the opportunity to choose and pay them with a discount of 20%. Simply enter the discount code GLAMCHICBOLD_FAN during your purchase. Remember that the shipping are free if you buy more than 100 CHF. The discount code is only valid for residents in Switzerland!

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