Review cold wax strips by I am at Migros

I admit it, I’m not a big fan of waxing and I prefer to shave my legs with the blade, but Migros has offered me the opportunity to test the cold wax strips I am Migros Aloe Vera and so I’m going to tell you what I think about it.

I tested the depilatory strips are quite satisfactory for the result: a single strip, in fact, it has two strips of waxing that can be used multiple times until the properties does’ot vanish. Like any cold wax, you just heat up the strip between your hands, apply it on leg, passing your hand on the direction of the hair to adhere better to the strip and then proceed to tear the hair in the opposite direction (after this step there will be one time dedicated to the screams 😀 hahaha). Once finished, you can spend the wipes that you find together the strips and which in this case are aleo vera oil: I have to say though that I don’t like very much the effect on the skin that it will be oily once you pass the wipes, though but leaves a super glossy and smooth effect on the skin (merit or flaw?).

Cera a freddo I am Migros

The packaging is simple but effective, and everything is explained already outside of the package in different national languages of Switzeland; for those in doubt, however, inside there is also a more detailed leaflet, which are given more information about the waxing cold. The pack contains 10 individual strips inside x 2 and 8 wipes for treating the area shaved. The cost of this product is approximately CHF 9.

Did  you already try it ore another brand?

Ceretta I am Migros

I am Migros cera a freddo

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