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Now it’s the right time to speak you about one of the latest innovations presented by The Body Shop: I’m talking about the bathroom collection of Fuji Green Tea by The Body Shop, which consists of 8 products and an infuser bath that will help you relax better in the bathroom.

This month I tried several times the products and above all there is one that I particularly like: I’m talking about the body scrub Fuji Green Tea The Body Shop. Before let’s to speak on to the specific product I’ll illustrate briefly what there are in this collection.

The new Fuji Green Tea The Body Shop has as main ingredient green tea in the region of Mount Fuji, Japan. Besides having an antioxidant, green tea is used for generations to maintain hydration of the skin and close the pores; in this way, you can obtain an effect detox for our skin.

The Body Shop Green TèThe new collection Fuji Green Tea The Body Shop composed of these products:

  • Scrub Soap (100 g) 6.90 CHF
  •  Body Scrub (250 ml) 24.90 CHF
  • Body cream (200 ml) 24.90 CHF
  • Sorbet cream (200 ml) 22.90 CHF
  • Body Lotion (250 ml) 19.90 CHF
  •  Shower Gel (250 ml) 9.90 CHF
  • Eau de cologne (100 ml) 22.90 CHF
  • Bath infusion (300 ml) 29.90 CHF
  • Bath infuser  6.90 CHF

Let’s start to tell you the scrub that, such as the Smoky Poppy Scrub The Body Shop, shows grains thinner and, therefore, is slightly more gentle on the skin, compared to the other products for Valentine’s Day. The product also comes in the form of gelatine and it is colored green; even the smell is pleasant.

Even the body lotion is very nice and really leave your skin moisturized for 24 hours; to cool off, then, you can use the eau de cologne, in which we find green tea, bergamot and mandarin, camellia flowers and violet.

The solution to use the infusion of green tea, thanks to the appropriate infuser, is truly original: in fact, I had never seen such a thing, except the infuser to drink tea from a cup. In addition, the infusion of tea is contained in a beautiful tin container. I recommend you take a look in the shops and try some of the products of this new line, to enjoy the properties of green tea!

The Body Shop Green Tè

The Body Shop Green Tè

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