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On the occasion of Valentine’s Day, I organised a giveaway on Instagram that allowed you to win an Oral-B Pro 3 toothbrush duo. Surely, you must have wondered how this product works and especially if it is worth having one! Today I’m sharing with you my opinion and that of my partner, who has already been using the Oral B Pro 3 (3900N) electric toothbrush for several days.

The features of Oral-B Pro 3

I’ll start by introducing you to the main features of this toothbrush and anything else you might need to know about buying this electric toothbrush. First, it’s ideal for those who want to effectively clean their teeth and gums. The brush head allows you to thoroughly clean every part of your mouth with a 360° movement around the tooth. If you put too much pressure on the tooth or gum, the brush will light up to let you know!

Unlike a conventional toothbrush, this electric toothbrush is able to remove much more bacteria, but especially plaque, which can be a serious danger for gum infections.

The Oral-B Pro 3 Electric Toothbrush cleans your teeth in three modes: Daily, Sensitive Tooth and Whitening. To choose which mode to clean your teeth in, simply press the power button several times and you’re done! In addition, the toothbrush has been equipped with a timer that lets you know when you need to switch to another arch of teeth to perform a full mouth cleaning, 2 minutes per point (just as dentists suggest).

Another interesting aspect is the lithium-ion battery, which guarantees up to two weeks’ use of the toothbrush on a single charge – it also depends on how often you brush!

My opinion about Oral B Pro 3

I started testing the toothbrush some time ago, together with my partner Davide. We were both already thinking about buying one, but we had never given much thought to which model would really be the most functional for our needs.

This Oral-B Pro 3, from my point of view, is perfect for cleaning my teeth: I have sensitive teeth and I feel very comfortable with the mode designed for my teeth. During the first use, if you have particularly delicate gums, you may notice some bleeding, but this is completely normal (it happened to my partner, not me).

Davide, on the other hand, really appreciates the whitening cleaning method. By drinking lots of coffee and eating particularly dark or colourful food, he can take good care of his teeth without resorting to aggressive toothpastes (which can damage dentine in the long run).

I really appreciate the fact that there’s an indicator light to let you know when you’re hurting your gums, because my dental hygienist often pointed out to me that my gums were a little too ‘scratchy’ from toothbrushes (so much so that she referred me to other types of soft-bristled toothbrushes to avoid running into this problem).

I would highly recommend buying this product as it really does clean teeth. My partner noticed this a week before he went for a tooth cleaning. In fact, he noticed that his teeth were cleaner from the very first use, as the toothbrush had already managed to remove some tartar.

Are you already using an electric toothbrush to take care of your oral hygiene or do you prefer to use a simple manual toothbrush? Let me know with a comment below!

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