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The product which I will talk about today, unfortunately, is not available in stores in Switzerland, but you can order it online and bring it to your home: it is a new product line Olos Skin Care that is Skin Cocktail, the Ageless Serum with kiwi water. The advantage of these products is that it doesn’t contains  parabens, paraffin, mineral oils, petrolatum and silicones.

If you are interested in this product Olos Skin Care, I tell you that there are  three variant:

  • GREEN DETOX  Detoxifying – Prickly Pear and Basil
  • AGELESS WHITE  Antioxidant – Iris and Olive Oil
  • RED ENERGY Energizing and revitalizing – Grapefruit and Sesame

Skin Care Olos WhiteOlos Skin Care Red Olos Skin Care Green

Review Serum Ageless White Skin Cocktails Olos Skin Care

Olos Skin Care Olos Skin Care Siero

Let’s go to speak about my experience with the serum Olos Skin Care and I must say that I already like: its texture is very light and the product can be applied easily thanks the particular dispenser tip. You just need a little bit of serum to put in some points of the face and then you can stretch out and tap it; the product dries quickly and you can decide whether to apply it with or without your day / night cream. I prefer to use it without cream, because it leaves a nice feeling of freshness on the skin.

Ageless White, but also the other two fragrances, in addition to containing water of kiwi have  the seaweed extract that has a moisturizing and soothing. This product Olos is indicated not only for the skin of women, but also to that of men. The cost is 19 €!

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