Rossmann sells in Switzerland Isana products

Where do you buy Isana products?

I always like to find the trendy brands that are talked about on social media, so after with the story shared by Estetistaxpart (Silvia), I searched where Isana was in sale in Switzerland.

You can buy Isana by Rossmann at Denner

Usually, when we talk about large German chains, we think Rossmann, Dm and Müller: I have told you about the Dm and Müller several times ( the first unfortunately does not sell in Switzerland, while the other its shop near me is Sant’Antonino, near Bellinzona). Now, however, I have discovered that the Isana products belong to the Rossmann group which is present in Switzerland and sold exclusively by Denner.

Rossmann thus proposed to Denner for his Isana products: in fact, it is currently possible to find various Isana products in over 800 Denner stores. Of course, as you can imagine, the prices in Switzerland are not the same as those in Germany: the Isana dry shampoo costs CHF 3.95 at Denner. In any case, we are talking about 15% more, costs that are absorbed by importation and logistics. In any case, I can tell you that Rossmann’s Isana products arrived in Switzerland as early as 2017 and slowly were introduced in Denner’s Swiss stores.

For those interested in a general overview, I can say that in Switzerland there are 56 Müller stores, while as I said Dm is not present in Switzerland. Finally, Rossmann, which has a turnover of over 10 billion euros (slightly smaller than DM), does not work directly in Switzerland.

What I bought at Denner

Some days ago I was in Riva San Vitale near Denner and so I went in search of Isana products: with great amazement I found a small assortment in the area of hygiene products and others in the food sector. I made a small selection and took Isana skincare products:

  • Isana Gute Nacht Bad 750 ml 1.30 CHF
  • Shower Gel Lemon 300 ml 0.95 CHF
  • Cotton Pads 140 pieces 0.85 CHF
  • Hand soap Mango Exotic (ricarica) 750 ml 1.45 CHF
  • Micellar water wipes make up remover Isana 25 pieces 1.95 CHF
  • Cotton Sticks 300 pieces 0.90 CHF
  • Nail polishes remover 125 ml 1.70 CHF

You can find many other things as well, such as baby shower products, hair care products, men’s beard shaving and face and body creams.

As for food, they are by Rossmann’s ErneBIO line:

  • Chips with salt 2.25 CHF
  • Tomato 400 gr 1.00 CHF

Currently I have tried the nail polish remover and I like it! Soon I will also try the other products, but so on the spot I can tell you that the skincare products seem to me quite similar to those of the DM, which we in Switzerland cannot find (I only take them when I go to Varese, Italy).

Have you already tested any products of Rossmann’s Isana brand?

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