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It is always nice to spend some time taking care of your skin, especially during the winter, when our skin needs more treatments to be always on its best shape. Just for this reason, today I’m going to present you a new series of masks suitable for relaxing and treating our skin during the cold days you can buy on the Swiss shop

Here I’m going to show you in details these three sheet masks:

Pure Essence Mask Sheet Avocado by Holika Holika

For additional nourishment of your skin and to restore the elasticity to the face, I recommend you this mask by Holika Holika. As you probably already know, avocado is a superfood rich in good fatty acids that are able to stimulate the formation of new cells and protect the skin. It’s really perfect if you have a dry skin!

Price: 2.90 CHF

Manuka Honey Mask Sheet by Etude House

This is a moisturizing and nourishing mask that at the same time gives an extra touch of softness to your skin. The famous japanese honey contained in this mask has an anti-inflammatory and antibacterial action on your skin: for this reason, it is able to fight the bad pimples and to nourish the skin.

Price: 2.40 CHF

My Real Squeeze Mask Shea Butter by Innisfree

Another nourishing and moisturizing mask is the Shea Butter one by Innisfree: the skin becomes softer and more hydrated thanks to the availability of good fatty acids, antioxidants and vitamins. This mask is the right one if you are looking for anything that can help you preventing the skin dehydration and something giving you a deep moisturizing treatment for your skin!

Price: 2.70 CHF

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My opinion about these masks:

I really appreciate these sheet masks because they provide you a very quick and pleasant user experience and they also are very user friendly once you have to take them off when the treatment is over. These tissue masks I received are especially the best one to use now that the temperatures are starting dropping down and my skin is quickly getting a little drier, even if I’m just already using the right cream on it.

I tried avocado mask by Holika Holika and I can tell you that I really liked it: let’s start by talking about the package that has an easy opening at the top right. By opening the mask bag, you will notice how much the mask is soaked in the moisturizing product: it was so wet! I suggest you stand in front of the sink so that if it falls, you don’t do any damage or dirty it! The application of the mask is suggested between 10 and 20 minutes: I applied it for 10 minutes and I can tell you that the face was well wet with the product. At this point, you can massage your skin to absorb the product or dab with a pad to remove excess; if you have a jade roller you can relax by passing it on the mask or on your the skin.


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