Shaving Soap by Airmid

Dear followers, today I want to talk about a daily act that men make us in the morning when we’re in the bathroom: it is the shaving, which is surely one of the most boring “problems” to deal with. However, if done with the right products we can also appreciate this moment of relaxation in the bathroom.

The Irish company Airmid allowed GlamChicBold to test two products and one is just one dedicated to men: it is the shaving soap by Airmid, 100% natural product extracted with lavender, sweet orange and patchouli.The ingredients of this soap , but also of all the other preparations company come from Burren (in Ireland), a wide limestone surface that extends for 300 km2. All products are made by Tina Robinson, who is also a graphic design and who wanted to create a perfect natural soap on the delicate skin of his son, such as chamomile (to be discussed later).

Shaving Soap irlandese  sapone rasatura Airmid

Ingredients shaving soap Airmid

The shaving soap smells good and comes wrapped in tissue paper, packaging in a very simple and natural, just as if you wanted to emphasize the importance of choosing environmentally friendly products of nature, such as those signed by the Irish company. To proceed to shaving, I first washing my face with warm water and then I spent the soap on the face, for good soaping, after which I run the real shaving.

At the end of “work” the face is fresh and soft, but also to you can sense the delicate scent of shaving soap of Airmid. I must say that generally do not use special products for shaving, but this definitely has something special and I’m glad I was able to test!

Airmid shaving soap  Sapone rasatura Airmid Sapone rasatura Airmid  Sapone rasatura Airmid

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