Skincare with silk cocons by Serì

The skin cleansing is one of those things that absolutely must to do because in this way you can from clean the pores and points blacks and also eliminates old skin. 

Today I want to show you a new way to clean the skin of the face, with a revolutionary product signed by trademark serious. The brand has offered a natural treatment for facial cleansing with pure silk cocoons, perfect especially for oily skin (just like mine), but also for all other types of skin, even the most delicate ones. In this way, you can gently remove excess sebum, preventing points blacks and rashes

bozzoli di seta di Serì

Thanks to the company Fimo SRL, owner of Seri, and CRA co-API (Council for Research and Experimentation in Agriculture Section of bachicultura and beekeeping Padua) it was selected the best silk for skin care. It was subsequently set up a chain of production to 100% Italian.

You can buy the cocoons of silk at pharmacies and italian drugstores at the cost of 11.90 €, in a box with 6 cocoons that you can use up to a maximum of 3 times.

To use the cocoons of silk by Serì you should first wash your face, using your products as well, and in the meantime, soak in a cup the cocoons in warm water at 40-50 ° C, leaving them from 1 minute up to 3 minutes, for the most sensitive skin.

Put on the index the cocoon and started to make small circular movements on the skin of the face, insisting in areas where there are more fat and points blacks, ingrown hairs and rashes. At the end of treatment, wet the skin with water of the cup to favor the formation of the protective film and to have increased hydration. Dry the skin to the air, without the use of towels or heat sources.

After the treatment, clean under running water and mild soap little cocoons of silk serious; then, let them dry naturally.

I tried once time the silk cocoons and I can tell you that they are very easy to use and at the end od treatment your skin will be more softer. The points blacks do not disappear immediately, as with nasal strip, but I suppose that maintaining cleaner skin with this method, decrease them. I suggest to try it because its cost is very low and the cocoons can also reuse many times.

bozzoli di seta di Serì
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Melody Laurino
Melody Laurino

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