Sole di Capri by Lancaster

Lancaster is not only a brand of solar products, but this year proposed for the summer also a beautiful eau de toilette that with all scent in Italy. Within this scent, which can wear safely even in the sun, there are ingredients such as citrus fruits, ripe figs, but also white flowers, flowers of tiare, tuberose, ylang-ylang leaving on the skin a wonderful scent.

Sole di Capri Lancaster

While the scent is amazing, other packaging is just as beautiful: this has been achieved by the illustrator Susanna Spelta and certainly can not help but say it was trendy and Italian.

Capri Sun line of Lancaster, however, is not made up only of perfume, but also provides a body lotion and a shower gel, you find already available in the best perfumeries and Manor.

  • Sole Di Capri Eau de toilette 100 ml – 60 CHF
  • Sole di Capri Body Lotion 150 ml – 29 CHF
  • Sole di Capri Lancaster Shower Gel  150 ml – 32 CHF

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