Chilly news for intimate hygiene

Today I’m going to speak about the new products introduced recently by the italian brand of intimate hygiene Chilly: Chilly is pH 3.5 and the new formula of Chilly Gel. We find out in detail what constitutes the novelty of the brand!

The new detergent intimate pH 3.5 is ideal for maintaining the natural physiological balance of the pH of the mucous membranes, so as to prevent any hassles intimate. All women more active, not only in terms of sex, are more vulnerable to bacterial attack and thus need more protection with an intimate wash formulated with pH more acidic.

Chilly pH 3.5 is available not only in the form of intimate wash, but also as intimate wipes, so that they can always carry and use in any situation.

Another novelty is the new formulation of Chilly Chilly Gel, a product enriched with natural menthol for a greater feeling of freshness and protection for long. Chilly Gel is also available in the form of wipes, ideal for women who spend much time away from home, but they need to feel comfortable intimately.

Chilly pH 3.5



200 ml – 2,99 €
300 ml – 3,69 €
Salviettine 12 pezzi – 2,39 €
Chilly Gel

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