The bracelets by T-BET

Hello dear followers, today I want to show you the bracelets of a new brad: it’s T-BET, a italian brand that produces simple but elegant bracelets with natural semi-precious stone. As you can see, this bracelets is a hand made from Far East (woven lanyards in Far East) and then there are natural semi-precious stones embedded in the lanyard.

look-t-bet-02  Look T-Bet

The bracelet, however, has been equipped with metal details (nickel-free) that show a sun, while two other parties have two glitter very elegant that allow you to give an elegant touch of your look. The bracelets T-BET is available in two lines: Basic (with only a single stone) and Lux (more stones).

The semi-precious stones bracelets choices for T-BET:

  • White and turquoise howlite
  • Black Agate
  • Rose quartz
  • Blue sodalite
  • Yellow and green jade
  • Moonstone


T-BET offers bracelets perfect for every look, from the most elegant to the most casual. It ‘s perfect for the woman who wants to give a special touch to the look, but also for men who want to distinguish from the other.Do you like my outfit with bracelets T-bet?

look-t-bet-04   look-t-bet-05

Look T-Bet bracciali

More info on:

Mirco Vimini
Exclusive Distributor

Vatican City State – Switzerland
Principauté de Monaco
France – Italy – RSM
Mobile: +39 334 66 48 130
Web Site:
Facebook: T-BET

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